DoubleWood 17yr

With Age Comes Whisky Wisdom

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David Stewart celebrates his 50th year at The Balvenie with his release of DoubleWood 17. The Single Malt Scotch Whisky embraces his most cherished achievement, consecutive maturation in two different types of cask, a process referred to as ‘cask finishing’.

Extra 5 Years

You may be familiar with the wildly popular 12 year-old DoubleWood. The key difference between the Balvenie 12yr and 17yr is the maturation process. The longer aging process sets the tone for distinctly different deep vanilla, green apple and toffee tones. It also provides a richer and more complex flavor. First all DoubleWood whisky matured in American oak barrels that impart sweet vanilla tones. Then with an extra five years in ex-bourbon oak casks followed by a short stint in ex-sherry European oak, the 17yr offers a perfect balance of fruit, oak and malt. Rich notes of spice also add depth to the overall fullness of flavor.

Expressions of DoubleWood

A rich and smooth expression of cinnamon, fresh baking spices and butterscotch. Elegant aromas of oak, honey and sour green apple. The taste is characterized by honeysuckle, warm almonds and vanilla. Notes of roasted toffee and rich oak are also layered throughout the flavor. The finish is long with a combination of vanilla and honey sweetness. A perfect ending to a nice and rich Scotch whisky.

Purchase Today

Of you are a fan The Balvenie 12yr, 17yr is a must-buy. Purchase at a Payless Liquors store near you, or reserve a bottle here on our website.


Nikka Grain Whisky

New Japanese Whisky: Nikka Coffey Still Grain

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Japanese Whisky has been quite the talk of the town lately among coinsurers. In case you aren’t familiar with this varietal, it’s similar to a Scotch whisky rather than Irish, American and Canadian styles. This week at Payless Liquors we welcomed a new whisky to the collection, Nikka Coffey Still Japanese Grain.

Grain Whisky

When sipping on Nikka Coffey you’ll notice it’s a blend of single malt and grain whiskies. What exactly does a blend mean, you may ask? Blend refers mixing two different types, rather than from two different distilleries. In our opinion, grain whisky is one of the least understood components of the industry. It’s made from corn, wheat and unmalted barely and brings out the more expressive flavors of Nikka.

The Nikka Company operates on two Coffey stills inside their distillery. The stills were imported from Scotland in 1963 to coincide with their elaborate blended whisky recipe. Each still holds more depth of flavor than any of the modern day ones used by other distilleries today.

Tasting Notes

A light caramel color with a strong aroma of vanilla and pepper on the nose. It has a soft, yet supple flavor on the palate. Notes of caramel, melon, candied nuts and sweet butterscotch fill your mouth. It can be described as almost exotic and fruity in nature. The finish packs some heat but has a lingering sweet cream flavor.

How to Enjoy

We recommend pairing Nikka Grain a couple different ways. It will go great in a whisky soda, which is whiskey, club soda and garnished with lemon. Or if you wish to go the sweeter cocktail route, we recommend a classic whisky sour made with whisky, sour mix, crushed ice and maraschino cherries.

Purchase Today

Because of its exceptional taste and several acclamations, we have deemed it worthy of our Closet Collection. Nikka Coffey Japanese Grain is available to purchase at Payless Liquors stores or you can reserve for pick up on website.

The Forgotten Tequila: Extra Añejo 7 Años Patrón

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Patrón Anejo 7 Anos

Ever put on a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a couple years, only to discover a $20 bill? Recently Patrón Tequila had that same thing happen to them, only they discovered tequila they had forgotten about, tucked away in a corner of their barrel-aging room.

An Exclusive Rarity

Introducing Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años. Distillers first checked on the group of casks after around 8 months of aging, but it wasn’t what they wanted. By the next time they discovered them, 7 years had passed. Master Distiller, Francisco Alcaraz announced the brand’s first limited release as “a happy accident of again, temperature, wood and where the barrels were placed.” Very different from all their other offerings, Añejo 7 Años is a limited quantity product with less than 700 cases released in March.

How It’s Made

Añejo 7 Años is a blend of tequilas produced two separate ways. The type of tequila is the traditional tahona. It’s made by crushing agave by with stone wheel and the juices are then absorbed into a fiber. The fiber is then part of the fermentation process. The second method Patron uses is where a roller squeezes the juice out from the fruit and then it’s separated immediately from the fiber. After that process is complete between the two methods, each product is then aged separately in pine wood barrels and then double distilled in copper pots custom designed by Alcaraz. Then the two come together in French oak. The twist is in the French oak. Usually the tequila is aged in ex-bourbon barrels.

The Taste

The limited edition tequila comes in a replica of the very first hard blown glass Patrón bottle to commemorate its exclusivity. Añejo 7 Años is a dark golden hue with pronounced woody and black pepper aroma. A smooth taste with notes of fruits, mandarin and light caramel. It isn’t necessarily sweet, but it has more of a honey taste. It’s delightfully full-bodied with hints of spice and bittersweet dark chocolate. Unlike most tequilas, it is less aggressive upfront, but rather it has a more powerful backend. An overall great product to represent the Patrón brand.

Own a piece of tequila history is the purchase of Patrón Extra Añejo 7 Años at Payless Liquors. To ensure you get your hands on a bottle, please reserve here.


Two Kentucky Classics Meet at the Derby

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It’s almost that time of year again! What time you ask? Think women with big hats, men in pastel colored shorts and course, mint juleps. We’re talking about the Kentucky Derby! And this year everyone will be drinking the ready-to-serve Old Forester Mint Julep.

Recently, Old Forester Mint Julep has been named the official drink of the Kentucky Derby. This is the first time the brand has held this honor. It just might have to do with all the recent buzz around Old Forester within the bourbon bubble. Its rising popularity has led to new special edition bottles, several acclamations and a plan in the works to build a distillery in the heart of Louisville — a project that will cost $30 million.

Old Forester Brand Manager Therese McGuire says, “Old Forester was a natural fit for the Official Drink status. It’s a bourbon brand with as rich of a history as the Kentucky Derby and has such strong ties to Louisville.” The drink will be sold at Churchhill Downs and in retail in 36 markets across the U.S., including Payless Liquors here in Indianapolis.

So we are all familiar with ready-to-serve cocktails like Margaritas, Daiquiris and Bloody’s Marys, but not too much with a Mint Julep. Old Forester’s blend is a 60-proof premade cocktail that uses Old Forester Straight Bourbon Whisky. The nose has a superb blend of classic Old Forester bourbon with the traditional fresh garden mint. The taste is a winning combination of both the refreshing mint flavors, sweet sugar and rich bourbon. A smooth finish with lingering crisp mint.

For generations Kentucky Derby goers have enjoyed this classic drink and now it’s available to you in a ready-to-serve form. It’s almost ironic that Old Forester was first introduced in 1870, while the Kentucky Derby marks their first event in 1875. Sounds like these two Kentucky traditions have finally come together, officially that is.

Celebrate the Kentucky Derby the only way with Old Forester Mint Julep. It’s now available for purchase in Payless Liquors stores or you can reservation a bottle here on our website.

Dom Pérignon P2: A Timeless Change

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Dom Pérignon has established themselves as one of the most well-known luxurious champagne brands in the world. The bottle, the taste, the color, everything is extremely iconic.

The Second Pléntitude

Enter Dom Pérignon P2.The Second Pléntitude offers the renowned champagne in a sleek and sexy update. The process of developing the change was extremely hush-hush and only a few journalist and retailers were initially let in on the secret.

“The Ultimate Champagne” is an energetic and different expression of the classic Dom Pérignon Vintage. P2 is all about magnetic energy and is symbolic of Iceland’s glaciers and minimalistic landscape. It’s a product of time and dedication. The highly acclimated champagne 1998 vintage brut wine was given a score 98 by Wine Spectator Magazine. The magazine recognized P2’s “mouthwatering and persistent” flavors. It’s among the post priced, yet most popular wines sold from the region.

Tasting Notes

An intense, full bouquet with sweet notes of honeysuckle, citrus and hints of toasted almond. It has a major focus on the dark, salty and mineral flavors. On the palate, the vintage is characterized by an edgy, yet embracing aroma. The layers of ripe blackberry and dried apricot are graced with exotic spice. The finish is smoky and continues with energetic tones for an all-out balanced taste.

How to Enjoy

Purchase P2 to celebrate an anniversary, promotion or even the purchase of a new home. Age to save for the perfect occasion or serve right away, chilled.

The Dom Pérignon P2 will be featured in our new Charlie’s Pick Collection, which will feature the finest products at Payless Liquors. You can purchase this product in select stores or reserve a bottle here on our website.


Old Forester Goes Back To It’s Roots

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In 1870, Old Forester’s founder George Garvin Brown changed the industry by producing a combination of bourbons from three different distilleries to create an incredibly balanced product. Prior to Brown’s discovery, bourbon was only sold by the barrel with caused the quality and taste profile to vary. Old Forester 1870 Original Batch celebrates the innovative technique of its founder in a 90-proof bourbon.

The Original Batch
The combination of 1870 includes three different barrels from three different warehouses with a different day of production, as well as a different proof and maturation. This process of “batching” bourbon gives the product a more consistent and pleasant flavor for the ideal product. The Orignal Batch is meant to echo the original batching process started by Brown in 1870.

Flavor Profile
The nose is very bright and vivid with fruit and floral scents. Vanilla and caramel notes provide a sweet base. On the palate mimics it’s aroma with the continued light, lively floral and fruity flavors. The sweet vanilla and oak make the bourbon an easy drink to enjoy. You may also sense a kick of baking spice, ginger and cinnamon. Finally, 1870 finishes with a candy-like character full of nutmeg, cinnamon and cinnamon flavors. There is also an added oak note that can be tasted throughout the long and smooth finish.

We recommend enjoying Old Forester 1879 Original Batch neat alongside your favorite family comfort food dish. 1870 should be enjoyed alongside family and friends, while reminiscing on old stories from the past. Again, it’s an easy bourbon to relish.

Now Available

Old Forester 1870 is now available at Payless Liquors. You can purchase in stores or reserve a bottle online. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind bourbon!

Two Classics, Being Original

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Spring is here and we can’t think of better way to celebrate warmer temperatures than a fantastic glass of bourbon! This week on our blog we are featuring two new must-have bourbons to the Palyess Liquors collection: Maker’s Mark Cask Strength and Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece.

Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

Maker’s just got stronger. The new Cask Strength variation is bottle straight from the barrel at 108 to 114 proof. They’ve upped the ante with this release by increasing the oak, caramel, vanilla and spice. Tasting notes include the sweet caramel foundation with notes of warm cinnamon and subtle oak spice. The complex, yet balanced flavors all come together for a sweet, wine-like finish with lingering heat and spice.

The Spirit Journal even said it’s, “Simply the best Maker’s Mark ever.” This is the first time Maker’s Mark has offered their product in cask strength. It’s unaltered, uncut and unparalleled to any other cask strength bourbon.

Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece

This limited edition release is one for the books. Distiller’s Masterpiece is a strong 100-proof and extra-aged in the optimal rack-house position, as determined by Master Distiller, Fred Noe. The next step in the aging process is a final finish in PX-Sherry casks for a unique flavor. This Masterpiece is characterized by rich and smooth flavors of orange, vanilla, cinnamon and all spice, with hints of toasted wood. There are also bold notes of dark fruits including plums, cherries and raspberries. Sweet and silky on the finish.

This Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece certainly isn’t the first of its kind. Jim Beam has released previous bottles including those finished in cognac and port cask. The collection is made up of two Sherry cask variations. The Distiller’s Masterpiece comes packaged in a luxury wooden case, which makes it all the more special.

Looking to add two great bourbons to your shelf? Request to reserve these products on the Contact Us page on our website. Cheers!

Shake and Shimmer

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A violet liqueur that shimmers. Viniq combines premium vodka, Moscato, natural fruit and a one-of-a-kind shimmer when shaken for the perfect refreshing drink. The fusion of style and taste makes it the go-to beverage for any celebration.

Viniq’s tantalizing signature shimmer is made with the same ingredients that give cake frosting its shine and that sparkle in rock candy. The edible glitter adds that special touch that no other liqueur out there embodies. But Vinuq is more than just the shimmer. The first of its kind- you’ll find one sip is exploding with sweet flavors of grape and peach that come from the contribution of the Moscato. Not only does Viniq have that enticing look and sweet taste, it’s also bottle at 20% alcohol. Which is makes it perfect for sipping just by itself.

Drink Viniq right out of the bottle or mix to make a lovely looking cocktail. Don’t worry- when mixed with other liqueurs the shimmer doesn’t fade, even when paired with Blue Curacao! We recommend pairing it with tequila, lime juice and agave nectar for a sweet twist on the margarita. Viniq is perfect for a girl’s night out, bachelorette party gift or similar special occasion.

Does your night call for Viniq? Visit a local Payless Liquors store and pick up a bottle of this shimmery party-starter.

Master Distiller Honored with Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy

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In honor of the upcoming holiday, St. Patrick’s Day we would like to highlight a product that hails all the way from Ireland. Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy is a single pot still Irish whiskey that was first introduced by Irish Distillers in 2011. The name Barry Crockett pays tribute to Midleton’s Master Distiller.

Barry Crockett

After 47 years of work, Crockett said goodbye in February of 2013. After much success, it’s only fitting that the man behind Midleton for over 30 years had a bottle honored after him. The expression of the Irish whiskey reflects Crockett’s overall personality. It’s an older, yet elegant selection of Pot Still whiskeys which is exclusively matured in American bourbon barrels.

Tasting Notes

A delicate whiskey, the aroma of Barry Crockett Legacy is a complex combination of spice and fruit with notes of toasted wood. On the palate, this Irish whiskey is full bodied with a harmonious balance of sweet lime, berries and spicy green pepper. With the introduction of the virgin American barrels, it offers a sweet vanilla flavor and a subtle char. The finish is satisfying long with flavors of caramel and fruit that fade into a sweet woody note.

How to Drink + Pair

Overall Midleton Barry Crockett is a sweet and malty whiskey with a pleasant oily texture. We suggest drinking it neat and pairing with salmon cooked in a citrus sauce or with lobster soup.

Did we mention this product is in very, very low supply? In fact, only 2,500 bottles are released each year. Celebrate St. Patrick’s the right way with a bottle of Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy. To get your hands on this product, please send us a request via the Contact Us page on the Payless Liquors website.

Cheers and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

12.05 is More Than the End of Prohibition

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This week’s blog is about a local hometown hero in Indy. It’s Vodka from 12.05 Distillery located on Virginia Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. The vodka gets its name from the date The Prohibition was repealed on December 5th, 1933. It’s a celebration of our right to legally drink whatever spirits we wish.

The Man Behind the Vodka

12.05 Distillery is man by experienced liquor distiller, Brad Clover. Originally from Indiana, Clover spent several years mastering his technique in Colorado at Breckenridge and Peach Street micro-distilleries. His system at 12.05 is made up of 20-plate copper which allows him to distill a wider variety of liquors including their two big products: vodka and gin.

12.05 & Repeal

Not only is 12.05 Vodka sold at Payless Liquors stores, but it will served at its neighboring restaurant, Repeal Restaurant in late April. The restaurant will serve small-plate entrees paired with signature cocktails made with spirits from 12.05. They are located right next to each other on 636 Virginia Avenue in a building that use to house the former Virginia Avenue State Bank. The inside of the establishment is appropriately decorated with the original terra cotta exterior from 1924. It’s also proudly listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The perfect place for spirits that embody the rich history of America during The Prohibition.

The Vodka

12.05 Vodka is specially crafted from triple distilled non-GMO Indiana Corn. The corn is sourced from a farm located in Lebanon. Not only is the corn local, but the distillery also uses local materials and services, including artisanal water, grains, labels and cases. Each bottle is distilled and bottled right here in Indianapolis at 40% ALC by VOL. 

Celebrate your legal right to drink quality spirits by purchasing a bottle (or 2) or 12.05 Vodka at your local Payless Liquors or reserve here on our website.

Welcome Bourbon Women To Indy Part II

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In case you missed our last blog post, we had a big announcement. On March 7th we will be hosting the Bourbon Women organization’s inaugural Indy Sip & Shop Grand Bourbon tasting. The event will take place at the Greenwood Mall store from 2-5 pm. Over 30 distilleries will be present, along with a craft bourbon cocktail bar, food from local restaurants and Master Distillers from Garrison Brothers and Hobson Roberts.

In our last blog post we also introduced you to three bourbons that will be at Sip & Shop. And again this week we would like to introduce three more bourbon that will be available to sample.

Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey

Featherbone Bourbon is an organic whiskey that hails from Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan. The mashbill is mainly made up of Midwest corn and additions of Michigan wheat, rye and malted barley. It’s bottled at 90 proof and embodies a light chestnut color. Featherbone offers unique tones of cracked pepper and a twist of citrus.

High West American Prairie Reserve Bourbon

Sweet like candy, this bourbon provides an explosion of flavors. Enjoy tastes of pecan pie and rye spice on the finish. High West Distillery is extremely passionate about preserving the American West’s culture and heritage. With the purchase of a bottle of Prairie Reserve Bourbon, High West will donate 10% of the profits to the American Prairie Reserve in northeastern Montana. 

Prichard’s Double Barreled Bourbon

Barreled at 125 proof and bottled as low as 80, Prichard’s bourbon undergoes a very expensive and labor intensive aging process. The result is sweet tones of vanilla and honey. Hints of caramel, butterscotch and toffee are plentiful on the palate. On the finish enjoy a nice spicy kick. Benjamin Prichard’s Double Barreled Bourbon comes from Prichard’s Distillery in Kelso, Tennessee.

Remember, the Sip & Shop Grand Bourbon Tasting is open to all men and women 21+ and is also free. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to sample several great bourbons from across the country! 

Welcome Bourbon Women To Indy

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Bourbon Women in Indy.We are excited to announce that Payless Liquors will be a part of the Bourbon Women Indianapolis inaugural launch on March 7th. At our Greenwood Mall store we will be hosting a Grand Bourbon Tasting which will include bourbon samples from over 30 distilleries and breweries, the chance to meet Master Distillers from Garrison Brothers and Hobson Roberts, and food will be provided by the local restaurants Fireside Brewhouse and Between the Bun. Admission is free and open anyone who wishes to participate. This is a time to welcome Bourbon Women to Indy and celebrate everything bourbon.

At this event you will be able to sample several popular bourbons on the market today. For this week’s blog we would like to highlight those bourbons you might taste at the Grand Bourbon Tasting and give you a little insight into their flavor profiles. So sit back and turn your taste buds on.

Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea

Taste Jefferson's Ocean.Featured several times on our blog and social media, Jefferon’s Ocean by Jefferson’s Bourbon has an incredible story behind it. Each batch contains bourbon that was literally aged at sea in bourbon barrels where they traveled around the world stopping at five different continents and crossing the equator four times. The theory behind aging at sea is that the constant movement of the liquid in the barrels speeds up the aging process and comes into contact with the wood more often, which provides stronger flavors. A seriously tasty bourbon, Ocean is rich and deep is character with notes of dark fruit, all spice and vanilla. The finish is a well-balanced, medium-long and filled with caramel, wood, salt and vanilla.

Barrel Chested Barleywine

Taste Barrel Chested.Created by local brewery, Upland Brewing Company this barelywine ale will be tasted at the event because it’s aged in Willet Distillery bourbon barrels. This isn’t necessarily a new trend. Before metal kegs, beer was fermented and stored in oak barrels similar to those used to age bourbon whiskey. This process adds an added vanilla flavor to beer. Barrel Chested provides similar flavors with rich notes of toffee, warm vanilla and sweet caramel. You will also notice the undertones of toasted oak and sweet bourbon. Barleywine will certainly please and unite those craft beer and bourbon lovers.

Backbone Bourbon Uncut

Taste Backbone Bourbon.Another local favorite, Backbone Bourbon is distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and then bottled in small batched in Bardstown, Kentucky. Uncut gives bourbon enthusiasts a taste of the real flavors by not “cutting” the bourbon with water; a very common practice with other bourbons on the market. Backbone feels their customers shouldn’t miss out on the characteristic flavors that are lost during their practice. One can now enjoy the originality and purity of bourbon, while also giving them the option to choose how strong they would like to sip their bourbon. With the addition of water or ice cubes your ideal strength can be acquired.

Save the Date!

These three products are simply just a preview of what will be sampled on March 7th. We encourage to save the date and join us at our Greenwood Mall store for a great night. Learn more about the bourbons we will sample by following us on Twitter and Facebook.


3 Wines for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! Payless Liquors is the perfect spot to find top rated wines that won’t break the bank. This year we have complied a list of wines to help you find a bottle for celebrating with the love of your life or with your closet girlfriends.

Fifty Shades of Grey Collection

The much anticipated movie adaptation of the ever popular, Fifty Shades of Grey book series now has a collection of wines inspired after the phenomenon. The first bottle in the collection is White Silk. It’s a balanced, easy to drink white wine with an intense floral scent. On the palate, enjoy rich notes of crisp grapefruit, lush pear.

The second wine in the collection, Red Satin is a blend of Petit Sirah and Syrah. It has intense flavors of smoke, oak and eucalyptus. Hot on the nose and the palate, subtle black cherry and caramel flavors cool down the heat.

Enjoy this collection of wines with your gal pals on a dinner and move night to see the premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey on February 14th. .

1,000 Stories Zinfandel

Produced in small batches, 1,000 Stories is sourced from Mendocino County. Each lot is started with a traditional aging process in American and French wine barrels. The next step I its aging process is the introduction of the wine to bourbon barrels. The bourbon barrel aging creates a new flavor profile of warm vanilla, spices and caramel. In the final step of the process, the blend is transferred to old bourbon barrels from Four Roses and Heaven Hill to complete the aging process. It’s a wine like you’ve never had before! It’s represented as a dark plum color with hints of vanilla, berry and smoke in the aroma. The taste is similar to jam with strong notes of plum. This wine is perfect to enjoy with your love paired with a quiet night in on Valentine’s Day. He will certainly appreciate notes of bourbon.

To purchase these wines, stop by a Payless Liquors store near you, or reserve a bottle on our website.

Cheers to a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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