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  • Payless Patron Barrels — We had Big Joe and Grady along with some of their friends get together for the selection process. We set out to pick 1 barrel of Patron Tequila but ended up with 2 barrels. Joe , Grady and the guys liked the Anejo which was aged 2 years and 3 months in a Limousin (French Oak) barrel. The taste was sweet with hints of citrus and vanilla. The ladies in the room had a different opinion. The Reposado was their favorite which had been aged in Allier (French Oak) barrels for 9 months and had tastes of sweet agave and a hint of wood. Since the room was divided evenly and I did not want to offend either gender — we bought both. Watch the events calendar for tasting events coming your way so you can decide which is better.

  • OFC Vinitage 1980, bottle 65 of 100 — Buffalo trace has donated 200 bottles for charities to raise money with. Here in Indy– the Indiana Historical society was lucky to get a bottle. We are assisting them to organize a bourbon tasting on February 17th where this bottle and other items will be involved in silent auctions. It should be a great evening to raise money for the Education of Indiana History. Watch our social media and IHS’s website for more info.

  • Vitiano Rosso — This 91 point wine is a red blend composed of virtually equal parts of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese. This is a versatile Italian Red makes for a good house wine, especially at the price point of $10.

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