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The Woman Behind Apothic Wines | Debbie Juergenson

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Welcome to our Women of Wine Program where we celebrate the women behind our favorite wines. Our first feature is the winemaker behind Apothic Wines, Debbie Juergenson!
Debbie started her career as an analytical technician, with training as a geologist and researcher, and approaches winemaking like a true scientist. Her industry hallmark is her love for, and undeniable skill with, wine blends. Her incredibly popular Apothic creations arguably started the craze for California blends that continues unabated.

Her bold and captivating blends come from using only the most distinctive California grapes. From vintage to vintage, the character and flavor of the individual varietals guide the shape of each blend.

Each vintage, she lets the grapes guide the way from the vine to the cellar, crafting a collection of unforgettable wines, including Apothic Red, White, Dark, Crush and a limited selection of seasonal releases.

“I strive to tell a story with each blend of Apothic,” Debbie explains. “Whether it’s one of drama, intrigue or romance, the wines of Apothic are truly original.” Debbie has certainly succeeded. To celebrate the woman behind the wine, take $1.00 Apothic Wines at Payless Liquors until April 21st.

One thought on “The Woman Behind Apothic Wines | Debbie Juergenson

  1. Because I called Apothic [Gallo} to compliment Apothic wines (particularly the Dark and the Inferno), I learned that a WOMAN was behind the wonderful development and conistency of Apothic! I just had to know more and to learn WHO was this woman behind Apothic. Therefore, I simply “googled” the question: “Who is the woman behind Apothic Wines?” To my surprise, I found this webpage! Thank you, Debbie Juergenson !!!

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