Jack Daniels Fire

Jack Daniels Fire Truck | Greenwood Park Mall

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April 27 | 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm

1266 South Madison Avenue, Greenwood, IN 46142

Jack Daniel’s Fire Tasting with the Fire Brigade Truck! Be there or be square.

Jack Daniels Fire

Jack Daniels Fire Truck | Indianapolis

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April 26 | 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm

5021 Kentucky Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46221

Jack Danie’s Fire Tasting with the Fire Brigade Truck!

Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition–Frank Sinatra Century

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Frank Sinatra was like no other. With his numerous hit songs and distinctive voice, he was one of the most influential musical artists of the 20th century. Even today, Sinatra is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, with more than 250 million records sold around the world. He has received 11 Grammy Awards and has even dabbled in acting, starring in 60 motion pictures. Frank Sinatra was truly one of a kind…and so is Frank Sinatra Century, the Limited Edition Jack Daniel’s release.

During the peak of his career, Sinatra toured around the world, playing concerts in London, Paris, and beyond. At these shows, it wasn’t uncommon for him to toast his audience with a glass of Jack Daniel’s. To honor his life, his music, and his dedication to the brand, Jack Daniel’s is celebrating his 100th birthday with this unique and desirable whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s has aged this whiskey in specially designed barrels containing deep groves inside. This allows the whiskey to have more contact with the layers of oak and adds to the complexity of flavors. Bottled at 100 proof, the whiskey itself is amber in color, with hues of deep orange. The smell is oaky with a pleasant smokiness while remaining sweet like honey and tropical fruits. The taste is refined and robust with complex notes of citrus and coconut mixing perfectly with those of spiced oak and soft smoke. The lingering taste of charred spice and ripe fruits will leave you wanting to take another sip.

As if the whiskey itself wasn’t enough, this limited edition release is encased in a unique collector’s box containing a hardbound book and a replica of Frank Sinatra’s tie clip. The box’s midnight blue coloring acknowledges Sinatra’s nickname “Ol’ Blue Eyes” while the book gives tribute to “the man, the music, and the whiskey”. The replica tie clip doubles as a USB containing a previously unreleased soundtrack of his 1966 concert at the Sands Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The soundtrack includes some of Sinatra’s greatest hits, including Fly Me To The Moon, It Was A Very Good Year, and My Kind Of Town.

According to Jack Daniel’s, Frank Sinatra Century is one of the most limited edition whiskeys they have ever released. With quantity limited and demand high, you don’t want to miss your chance at this bottle! Reserve yours today by using our Contact Us form! And don’t forget to visit the Jack Daniel’s website to register your bottle!

Father’s Day Gifts Dad Won’t Hide in his Closet

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Want to get dad something he really wants for Father’s Day this year? Hint: It’s not a tie. We all have difficulty finding dad something he wants for Father’s Day without falling into cliché gift ideas. But this year, Payless Liquors has you in mind.

We’ll be offering three special editions of Jack Daniel’s this month:

  • Sinatra Select
  • Rested Tennessee Rye
  • Old #7 Black Label 86 Proof.

These rare Jack Daniel’s products will make perfect gifts for your dad this year!

Fly Me to the Moon

Our first Jack Daniel’s special edition celebrates one of the world’s biggest whiskey fans, none other than Frank Sinatra. Ol’ Blue Eyes could always be seen sippin’ on a glass of Jack. Some would even consider Jack Daniel’s to be his best friend. The sultry amber color of Sinatra Select resembles the familiar Old #7. Sinatra Select is bottled at 45% stronger and has been aged in Sinatra barrels. These barrels are grooved, which allows more an interaction between the wood and spirits. This also allows a deeper and more intense flavor for the whiskey. Sinatra Select then finishes with an incredibly smooth, vanilla taste. Dad will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you pick out this limited edition Jack Daniel’s bottle for him. Reserve a bottle today for $179.99.

Resting Rye

This whiskey has been “resting” for a few years in Jack Daniel’s warehouse. Now we’re inviting you to watch it mature. Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye is the result of a matured Unaged Rye, and is the brewery’s first barrel-matured rye offering. A pale gold color shows it has developed some color from its time resting. The barrels instill toasted oak and vanilla into the flavor of the whiskey. Dad will definitely appreciate the spiced character from the rye grain. There is also a surprising hint of dark cherry flavor. We certainly enjoyed how Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye was maturing. Get your bottle for $69.99!

86 Proof Rarity

Jack Daniel’s Old #7 Black Label 86 Proof has some controversy. Black Label bottles made currently register at 80 proof instead of the older 86 proof. Die-hard Jack Daniel’s Black Label fans feel betrayed by this newer 80 proof. Because of the controversy, Black Label 86 Proof is a little hard to find, but we have you covered at Payless Liquors. Rare 2005 Black Label bourbon is definitely a must for the collector in your family. Secure your own bottle for $39.99!

We don’t think there is anything better than a classic bottle of bourbon. Celebrating dad and Jack Daniel’s go hand in hand. There is a limited supply on all of these bottles, so hurry in before Father’s Day! All products are available at select locations. We would not want you to miss out on this opportunity to purchase these limited Jack Daniel’s products, so reserve your bottles here!