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Payless Liquors Response to COVID-19

Most of our stores have reopened for customers to come inside and purchase their desired products. Payless Liquors takes customer and employee health seriously and many guidelines have been set in place for the reopening process. Some of which are the following for employee and customer safety – employees have been adequately supplied personal protective equipment, are encouraged to stay home if not feeling well, take their temperature before they come in, and be mindful of the employees around them if they notice a coworker displaying symptoms. Also, employees will clean and sanitize the stores, including high touch areas, at opening, close, and throughout the day at Payless.

All customers will have access to hand sanitizer if needed at the register and are encouraged to still wear a facial covering or mask when coming into the store. Customers and employees should be aware of the six-feet apart rule for spacing in checkout lines and browsing through the stores. Payless Liquors employees will limit the amount of people in the store based off how big the store is. This number will be capped at either 10 or 20 people at a time. All checkout areas have sneeze guards for protection of both the customer and the employee. Finally, curbside pickup is still available at all Payless Liquors locations for those who do not feel comfortable coming in to pick their beer, wine, and spirits.


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