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    EXAMPLE: Bud Light 12oz Can 12Pk, Captain Morgan 1.75L, Yellow Tail Cab 750ml

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    Cocktail Mixers:

    16oz Metal Cocktail Mixer (8.99 + tax)
    28oz Metal Cocktail Mixer (10.99 + tax)
    Clear Plastic 16oz Cocktail Mixer (3.99 + tax)

    Shot Glasses:

    Multicolored 50ct 1oz Shot Glasses (3.99 + tax)
    Clear 50ct 2oz Shot Glasses (4.99 + tax)
    Multicolored Tube 15ct 1.5oz Shot Glasses (4.39 + tax)

    “Bomb” Drink Glasses:

    Blasters 25ct 2.75oz outer glass, 1oz inner glass

    (For Jager Bombs and other "bomb" drinks. 3.99 + tax)

    Gelatin Shot Glasses:

    Clear 25ct 2.5oz Gelatin Shot Glasses w/lids (3.99 + tax)

    Martini Glasses:

    Clear 4ct 8oz Martini Glasses (2.99 + tax)

    Margarita Glasses:

    Clear 4ct 12oz Margarita Glasses (2.99 + tax)

    Wine Glasses:

    Clear 6ct 5.5oz Wine Glasses (2.99 + tax)
    Clear 20ct 5.5oz Wine Glasses (5.99 + tax)

    Champagne Glasses:

    Clear 20ct 4oz Champagne Glasses (5.99 + tax)

    Plastic Cups:

    12oz 50ct (2.99 + tax)
    16oz 50ct (4.99 + tax)

    Bags of Ice:

    7lb Bag (1.49 + tax)
    22lb Bag (4.39 + tax)

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