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See what we’re up to!

How to Gear Up for the Indy 500: Stocking Up at Payless Liquor Stores

It’s that time of the year again when the whole city of Indianapolis is buzzing with excitement, gearing up for the biggest race of the year. Whether you’re a die-hard race fan or just looking for an excuse to drink some beer and party, there’s no denying that the Indy 500 is a great event. And what better way to celebrate race day than by stocking up at Payless Liquor Stores ahead of time?

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

When it comes to the Indy 500, there’s no shortage of drinks to choose from. From beer and wine to spirits and cocktails, the choices are endless. But before you load up your cart with a little bit of everything, it’s important to consider what you’ll actually enjoy. Do you prefer a frosty cold beer on race day or a crisp glass of white wine? Are you a fan of cocktails, and if so, what’s your favorite? Take the time to think about your preferences and pick up something that will make your race day experience all the more enjoyable.

Check for Special Deals

One of the best things about Payless Liquor Stores is that they often feature special deals and promotions throughout the year. This is especially true leading up to the Indy 500, where you can find great deals on beer, wine, and spirits. Be sure to check our social media or visit one of their stores to see what kind of discounts they’re offering. With the money you could save, you might just be able to splurge on a VIP experience on race day!

Don’t Forget the Mixers

If you’re planning to enjoy some cocktails during the Indy 500, don’t forget to pick up some mixers! We offer a wide variety of mixers that will make your drinks taste even better. Whether you need tonic water for your gin and tonics or margarita mix for your tequila concoctions, they have everything you need to create the perfect cocktail.

Stock Up on Snacks

Race day can be long, hot, and overwhelming, and you’ll need to keep your energy up so you can make the most out of the experience. Before heading to the race track, make sure to stock up on some delicious snacks to keep you going. Payless Liquor Stores offer a wide selection of sweet and salty snacks, including chips, pretzels, nuts, and candy to keep your hunger at bay. Plus, let’s be honest, snacks and drinks – a winning combination that keeps the fun going!

Stay Safe and Drink Responsibly

Last but definitely not least, it’s important to remember to drink responsibly. If you’re planning to drive home after the race or host a party at your home, make sure to purchase a non-alcoholic beverage option for yourself or your guests. And if you do indulge, remember to always designate a sober driver or use a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft. At Payless Liquor Stores, you can pick up a great selection of non-alcoholic beverages to make sure everyone is accounted for. Don’t risk your safety or the safety of others by drinking and driving.

The Indy 500 is a time-honored tradition in Indianapolis, and stocking up at Payless Liquor Stores is just part of the process. Whether you’re looking for a few cold beers, a bottle of wine for sipping, or some mixers to craft the perfect cocktail, there’s something for everyone at Payless. And don’t forget to grab a few snacks to keep your energy level high into the night. Whatever you choose, make sure to drink responsibly and never drink and drive. From all of us here at Payless Liquor Stores, we wish you a safe and enjoyable Indy 500 experience!

Celebrate Your Graduation with Champagne – A Guide to Choosing the Right One

Graduating from college or university is an incredible achievement that deserves a celebration. One way to celebrate this special occasion is by popping open a bottle of champagne. But with so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Today, we will give you a guide to selecting the PERFECT champagne for your graduation celebration!

The History of Champagne

Champagne has been associated with celebration and luxury for centuries. It was first produced in the Champagne region of France in the 17th century and has since become the drink of choice for festivities all over the world! This includes weddings, birthdays, engagements, and of course, graduations.

How to Choose the Right Champagne for Your Celebration

When choosing the right champagne, there are a few factors to consider. First, think about your budget. Champagne ranges from affordable to pricey, so it’s essential to determine how much you’re willing to spend.

Next, consider the number of guests you’re expecting. For a small gathering, a standard-sized bottle should suffice. However, if you’re hosting a big party, consider buying a magnum or jeroboam, which can serve up to 20 people.

Finally, think about the food you’ll be serving. Champagne pairs excellently with seafood, cheese, and desserts like fruit tarts!

Food Pairing Suggestions

If you’re not sure what food to pair with your champagne, here are a few suggestions:

  • Brut: Pair with seafood like oysters or sushi.
  • Extra Brut: Goes well with salty snacks like chips and popcorn.
  • Demi-sec: Pairs well with desserts like fruit tarts and chocolate cake.
  • Doux: Serve with spicy or savory dishes like chicken curry or foie gras.

Celebrate Your Graduation with Champagne from Payless Liquor Stores

At Payless Liquor Stores, we have an extensive selection of champagne to choose from, including Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, and Dom Perignon. We offer affordable options for those on a budget and high-end choices for those looking to splurge. Whatever your preference, we have the perfect champagne for your graduation celebration.

Celebrating your graduation with champagne is a special way to commemorate this significant achievement. With Payless Liquor Stores’ extensive collection, you’re sure to find the right one. So, raise a glass and make a toast to your accomplishments!

4 Cocktail Recipes That Will Impress Your Guests

Hosting a get-together with guests of your own can be quite an adventure. You want to deliver something that impresses, yet is easy enough for you to pull off yourself – luckily we have the perfect solution. Entertaining just got much easier thanks to these four fun and incredibly tasty cocktails – guaranteed to delight each and every one of your friends! So let’s start mixing some drinks; cheers!


The margarita, a classic cocktail, is the perfect drink for any occasion. This refreshing beverage is made with tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and a splash of lime. To make it, begin by adding ice to a shaker. Next, pour in one and a half ounces of tequila, half an ounce of triple sec, and one ounce of fresh lime juice. Give it a good shake and strain it into a chilled glass with a salted rim. Finally, garnish with a slice of lime and enjoy. The tangy flavor of the lime combined with the sweetness of the triple sec and the bold taste of the tequila will leave you wanting more. So, sit back, relax, and savor the taste of this classic margarita cocktail.


Tired of the same old drinks? Why not try a refreshing mojito? This Cuban cocktail is made from a delicious blend of white rum, lime juice, sugar, fresh mint leaves, and soda water. The first step in creating the perfect mojito is to muddle the mint leaves, lime juice, and sugar in a glass. Next, add the white rum and top with soda water. Stir well and garnish with a sprig of mint. Sip and enjoy the sweet yet tangy burst of flavors in your mouth. The mojito is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day or to add a tropical touch to any occasion.


Cosmopolitan is a classic cocktail that is endlessly popular with both seasoned mixologists and casual drinkers alike. This refreshing and slightly tart drink combines a few key ingredients to create a sophisticated and satisfying sip. To make a Cosmopolitan at home, you’ll need vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly-squeezed lime juice, plus ice for shaking. Once you have all of your components ready, simply combine them in a cocktail shaker and give it a good shake to get that perfect combination of flavors. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a twist of lime for the perfect finishing touch. Whether you’re enjoying happy hour with friends or simply want to unwind after a long day, a cosmopolitan is a drink that is sure to tick all the right boxes.

Long Island Ice Tea

If you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail to sip on during those warm summer evenings, a Long Island Iced Tea might be just the thing! Despite its name, this drink contains no actual tea, but is instead a potent combination of spirits and mixers. To make one, you’ll need equal parts gin, vodka, rum, triple sec, and tequila, as well as fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and cola. Combine everything (except the cola) in a shaker with ice and give it a good shake before straining it over ice into a tall glass. Top it off with a splash of cola and garnish with a lemon wedge, then sit back, relax, and enjoy the sweet taste of summer.

Now that you have a list of the most popular cocktails for the summer, you can pick and choose which ones to enjoy when celebrating your next night out or special occasion. Whether you prefer the tangy Margarita, refreshing Mojito, classic Cosmopolitan, or all-inclusive Long Island Iced Tea, you can create each one with ingredients available at Payless Liquors. And if all else fails, visit Payless Liquors and stock up on other drinks – they have something to please everyone. If summer is slowly becoming too hot and humid, these cool recipes will help you relax and spark your creativity in the kitchen! So start mixing now; Payless Liquors has everything you need to make these delicious drinks. Visit Payless Liquors today for all your favorite alcoholic beverages and remember to sip responsibly!

Exploring the World of Craft Beer with Payless Liquor Stores – What You Need to Know

Are you a fan of craft beer? Enjoy discovering unique flavors and experiencing new cultures through your drink choices? Payless Liquor Stores is here to help! We are committed to bringing you the finest in international craft beer, so that no matter what corner of the world your tastes take you, we can provide something exciting. Whether it’s an IPA from Germany, an exotic sour ale from Belgium or a classic British porter – Payless has them all!

Let us explore all the different options we have in store for our adventurous and daring customers who like to try out new varieties. Read on and learn more about how Payless Liquor has become one of your favorite stops for finding those special beers.

What Is Craft Beer and Why Should You Care About It

Craft beer is not your average, mass-produced beverage. It is beer that has been brewed in small batches, allowing for more experimentation in terms of ingredients and techniques. This results in a unique and often complex flavor profile that sets it apart from more traditional beers. But craft beer is not only about taste; it represents a connection to local communities and a commitment to quality ingredients and processes.

Supporting craft breweries means supporting small businesses and sustainability practices. So next time you raise a glass of craft beer, remember that you are not only indulging in a delicious drink but also contributing to a bigger movement towards conscious consumption.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Craft Beer Shopping Experience at Payless Liquor Stores

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of discovering a new craft beer that you absolutely love. It’s a feeling of pure bliss that can only be achieved through careful selection and great advice from experts. At Payless Liquor Stores, we are committed to providing our customers with the best selection of craft beers from around the world.

Whether you’re a seasoned beer drinker or a newbie looking to explore new flavors, our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to help. So come on in and check out our selection. With a little help from our team, you’re sure to find your new favorite brew.

Popular Types of Craft Beer Available at Payless Liquor Stores

Craft beer has become increasingly popular over the years, with a wide range of unique and flavorful options available to beer enthusiasts. At Payless Liquor Stores, you can find a variety of popular types of craft beer that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts to refreshing wheat beers, there is something for every beer lover. You can also explore seasonal and limited edition releases from popular breweries.

Whether you are a seasoned craft beer drinker or a newcomer to the scene, Payless Liquor Stores has the perfect selection of craft beers to suit your preferences. So why go for a bland beer when you can discover a new favorite at Payless?

Craft beer has become an increasingly popular way for adults to enjoy a flavorful beverage experience with the added benefit of being able to sample unique drinks from around the world. Payless Liquor Stores is your guide to the ever-growing and fascinating world of craft beer, offering options for both novice and experienced craft beer drinkers alike. Here customers can find top-notch selections from extensive catalogs of lagers, ales, IPAs and stouts along with helpful advice on food pairings and more. Visit a Payless Liquors location near you to try your next favorite craft beer! Cheers!

Match Made in Heaven: Food & Wine Pairings You Can Find at Payless Liquor Stores

Craving a delicious meal paired with the perfect bottle of vino? Look no further than your local Payless Liquor Stores! Whether you’re looking to impress on date night or just want to treat yourself, there is something for everyone at our stores. With an incredible selection of wines and gourmet food items from across the globe, we have made it easy for you to create the ultimate food and wine pairing in the comfort of your own home. So break out the appetizers and uncork that bottle – we guarantee these pairings will be a match made heaven!

Exploring the Basics of Food and Wine Pairing

Food and wine pairing may seem like a daunting task, but once you grasp the basics, it becomes a fun and satisfying experience. The general rule of thumb is to pair lighter wines with lighter dishes and heavier wines with heavier dishes. For instance, a crisp white wine complements seafood or lighter pasta dishes, but a bold red pairs well with steak or a hearty stew. It’s also essential to consider the flavors and aromas of both the food and wine to ensure they complement each other. The right pairing can heighten the taste of both the food and the wine, elevating your dining experience to a whole new level. So grab a bottle of your favorite wine and start experimenting with different dishes to discover your perfect pairing!

Tips & Tricks on How to Select the Right Combination of Food & Wine

There’s nothing quite like the perfect pairing of a delicious meal with a complementary glass of wine. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which combination is the right one? Don’t worry, there are some tips and tricks you can use to help make the decision easier. First, consider the intensity of the flavor of the food and wine. A light-bodied white wine will pair well with a delicate seafood dish, while a bold red wine would be better suited for a hearty steak. Also, don’t forget about the acidity level of both the food and wine. A high-acid food will pair well with a high-acid wine, while a low-acid food can pair with a wine with a lower acidity level. And finally, trust your own taste buds! While there are general guidelines to follow, everyone’s palate is different, so experiment and find the combinations that work best for you. Happy pairing!

Popular Dishes that Go Well With Different Wines from Payless Liquor Stores

Indulging in your favorite dishes is made even better when paired with the perfect wine, and Payless Liquor Stores have a range of options that will satisfy every palate. Whether it’s a bold Cabernet Sauvignon with a hearty steak or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc with fresh seafood, there’s a perfect wine match for every dish. If you have a love for spicy cuisine, a bottle of Riesling will complement the heat and bring out the flavors in each bite. And for those with a sweet tooth, a dessert wine like Port or Moscato will perfectly accompany a rich chocolate cake or fruity tart. With the right pairing, every meal can become a luxurious dining experience.

The variety of choices at Payless Liquor Stores can be overwhelming, but the knowledgeable and friendly staff will be on hand to help you find exactly what you need. With the tips and tricks found in this blog post, you’ll have all the tools necessary for pairing food with wines from Payless. Host an impressive gathering by preparing a delicious, yet easy-to-make, dish using wines from Payless. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a full-blown party in your home, Payless Liquor Stores has everything you need to make any occasion special. Why settle for anything less than perfect when you can pick up all your favorite drinks there? If a bottle of wine is the missing piece to your evening plans, don’t hesitate – head over to Payless and get it today!