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12.05 is More Than the End of Prohibition

This week’s blog is about a local hometown hero in Indy. It’s Vodka from 12.05 Distillery located on Virginia Avenue in downtown Indianapolis. The vodka gets its name from the date The Prohibition was repealed on December 5th, 1933. It’s a celebration of our right to legally drink whatever spirits we wish.

The Man Behind the Vodka

12.05 Distillery is man by experienced liquor distiller, Brad Clover. Originally from Indiana, Clover spent several years mastering his technique in Colorado at Breckenridge and Peach Street micro-distilleries. His system at 12.05 is made up of 20-plate copper which allows him to distill a wider variety of liquors including their two big products: vodka and gin.

12.05 & Repeal

Not only is 12.05 Vodka sold at Payless Liquors stores, but it will served at its neighboring restaurant, Repeal Restaurant in late April. The restaurant will serve small-plate entrees paired with signature cocktails made with spirits from 12.05. They are located right next to each other on 636 Virginia Avenue in a building that use to house the former Virginia Avenue State Bank. The inside of the establishment is appropriately decorated with the original terra cotta exterior from 1924. It’s also proudly listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The perfect place for spirits that embody the rich history of America during The Prohibition.

The Vodka

12.05 Vodka is specially crafted from triple distilled non-GMO Indiana Corn. The corn is sourced from a farm located in Lebanon. Not only is the corn local, but the distillery also uses local materials and services, including artisanal water, grains, labels and cases. Each bottle is distilled and bottled right here in Indianapolis at 40% ALC by VOL. 

Celebrate your legal right to drink quality spirits by purchasing a bottle (or 2) or 12.05 Vodka at your local Payless Liquors or reserve here on our website.