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2015 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Old Forester is the longest-running bourbon brand on the market today. Since 1870, it has been continuously produced in the U.S., including through Prohibition when it was marketed as a medicinal product. To celebrate its founder, George Garvin Brown, the brand annually releases a limited edition bottle around his birthday, September 2nd. Now, the 2015 limited edition release is here and it’s even better than those in the past.

12049262_10153641050149287_4626671053312604773_nThis year makes the 14th straight year of the release of the birthday bourbon and the experience is obvious. In contrast with previous years, this release contains fewer sweet notes and more spice, creating an overall bolder pour. The Old Forester 2015 Birthday Bourbon is bottled from a single day of production (June 13, 2003) and was aged for 12 years in a single warehouse. During these 12 years, the barrels were placed directly next to windows and a heating duct, exposing the bourbon to unusually hot temperatures. This heat resulted in very intense wood-delivered characteristics dominating the palate.

With a medium amber coloring, Old Forester’s 2015 Birthday Bourbon is much less fruity than previous releases. Instead, the scent is that of toasted oak mixing with vanilla, burned caramel, and plenty of spices, namely cinnamon and clove. The warm spice taste is perfectly sweetened with hints of honey and creamy vanilla. The initial heat and spice dissolve quickly, making room for a long and sweet finish of caramel and hints of orange peel.

Just over 13,000 bottles of this unique bourbon were produced, making it a highly coveted find. You don’t want to miss your chance at acquiring one and we’re here to help. Stay tuned on our social media and check your email for information on how you can enter for the chance to win the right to purchase a bottle for yourself!