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Top 3 Indiana Breweries

3 Breweries to Visit in Indiana


Whether you’re an Indiana native or passing through the region, visiting a brewery is an unbeatable way to spend your time. Indiana is home to some of the top breweries in the nation, many of which offer tours of their facilities.


The craft beer scene in Indiana has steadily grown larger every year, and each brewery has its own unique approach to crafting beer. Varying in size and scale from enormous brewpubs to more modest taprooms, every brewery you visit offers a new experience.


How Many Breweries Are in Indiana?


Across the state, you’ll find over 180 breweries. Due to their increasing prevalence, Indiana has seen impressive employment growth. Between 2006 and 2016, over half of the state’s employment growth was thanks to craft breweries.


Top 3 Indiana Breweries


With so many locations to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which Indiana brewery to visit first. To help you form your plan, here are some of the top craft breweries within the state.


Deviate Brewing Co.


As a beer lover in Indianapolis, you’d be doing yourself a disservice passing by Deviate Brewing Co. For around two decades, Deviate Brewing Co. has been a staple of the area, creating a memorable lineup of craft beverages.


Using classic food pairing as inspiration, Deviate Brewing Co. has crafted a unique assortment of beers — examples include flavors like Blueberry Tarragon Ale and Watermelon Mint Ale.


Bare Hands Brewery


Since opening its doors around a decade ago, Bare Hands Brewery has become a popular site in Granger, IN. This microbrewery produces its beers in small batches using only top-quality ingredients. All the company’s brewing is performed on-site at its Granger location and distributed across Indiana on a limited supply.


The brewpub at Bare Hands Brewery features ten rotating taps and offers a small food menu to accompany your drinks.


Windmill Brewing


Contrary to the IPA craze that’s swept through the world of craft beer, Windmill Brewing produces a much wider variety of craft beers than just IPAs. When you stop by Windmill Brewing in Dyer, IN, you’ll find barrel-aged barleywines, sour ales, and classic European varieties.


This taproom offers both seasonal and flagship brews to sip on. You can start by sampling the Pale Dutch Boy American Pale Ale, one of Windmill Brewing’s most popular brews. Alternatively, the Hey Mikey Imperial Oatmeal Stout is filled with warm, delicious flavors like maple syrup and cinnamon. If you’re in search of an IPA, their Memosea IPA is infused with tangy and refreshing orange juice.


No matter where you are in Indiana, chances are there’s a top-tier brewery not too far away. Both visitors and natives to the state should stop by the breweries we’ve mentioned, as well as any of the others found across the state.


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