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4 Best Parts of Visiting a Brewery


Craft beer fanatics everywhere can have a great time visiting a brewery, and there are so many locations to choose from across the United States. Despite the number and variety of breweries available, some people might be on the fence about whether visiting one is worthwhile. Maybe you don’t know what to expect should you pay one of these spots a visit.


The truth is, stopping by a craft brewery makes for a great time, especially if you’re a fan of all things beer. However, no matter where your beer-related interests lie, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during a brewery tour or visit.


4 Perks of Visiting a Craft Brewery


Although there are many enjoyable aspects of touring a brewery, here are four that really stand out — especially if you’re a bit of a beer connoisseur.


  1. You Can Talk With Passionate Staff Members


The tour guides and staff members you interact with are one of the best parts of any brewery visit, hands down. More often than not, these individuals are passionate about beer and eager to share their knowledge with you. The most memorable tours often include stories and information imparted by someone who is enthusiastic and excited about their craft.


These guides and staff members can share everything they know about how that brewery produces their beer, what tools are used to make those concoctions, the brewery’s history, and much more.


         2. You Get to Taste Good Beer


It’s perhaps the most obvious point, but it’s still worth drawing attention to. When you pay a brewery a visit, you’ll get a chance to sip on a variety of delicious beers, straight from their place of origin. Really, you can’t get any fresher than that.


During your tour of the facility, you’ll generally be able to try out different beers as you make your way through. Although some tours can be longer than others, this is often broken up by opportunities to sample the various brews. Not only will you learn about the beverages being produced, but you’ll also get to try them out for yourself — it’s a win-win for everyone.



      3. You’ll Learn New Things About the Brewery


Although the passion of the guides and staff members makes the experience memorable, so does the new information you’re learning. If you’re interested in beer, the industry, and the history behind it, then you’re sure to enjoy learning new pieces of information and trivia. This could be about the brewery you’re visiting, or it could be related to the wider craft brewing industry.


       4. You’ll Get to Meet People With Similar Interests


When you visit a brewery, you’re surrounded by people who share your passion.


Throughout history, breweries have been an important part of a community. They served as social anchors and places for people to meet up and relax. In the modern day, this is becoming the case yet again. Breweries are growing increasingly common, and more beer lovers are seeing the appeal of checking them out.


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