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4 Ways to Help the Hospitality Industry During the COVID-19 Crisis

The worldwide outbreak of coronavirus has led to changes in our communities, the likes of which we have never seen. These unprecedented times have shuttered stores and restaurants, and closed other businesses all across the country. Unfortunately, some of these businesses will never recover from the losses they have suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The hospitality industry is experiencing especially difficult effects, as many of the restaurants we love to patronize are small businesses that operate on paper thin profit margins. If you want to help your favorite restaurants out, here are a few ways you can contribute to keeping them up and running throughout this crisis.

Enjoy Takeout

Many restaurants have opted to continue carryout and delivery service to maintain some semblance of business while their tables sit empty. Patronizing their businesses during this time is helping them to cover some of their overhead costs so that they don’t have to close up altogether. Ordering food to-go is a great way to contribute while stay-at-home orders are in place. The CDC has stated that there is no evidence of coronavirus being spread through food, but they do recommend maintaining social distancing guidelines like no-contact delivery whenever possible. They also suggest that you transfer food to other plates for consumption, as an added protective measure. If you order takeout, remember to tip generously if you are able to, as these workers are risking exposure by going to work to provide food for you.

Share Gift Certificates and Merch

Purchasing gift cards and logo merchandise from your favorite restaurants is an excellent way to provide immediate revenue for small businesses, outside of direct donations. Most of their merch has already been paid for at the time they ordered it, so the price you pay usually goes directly to help them pay for pressing costs like utilities and payroll. Gift cards and certificates are a great option, because the money you pay goes directly into the business’ account and you or the person you give it to get to cash it in at a later time to pay for their services.

Online Order Forms

Many small businesses offer gift cards and merch online, which works perfectly for social distancing. Some allow you to order food and products online for a scheduled pick-up time of your choice. Payless Liquors offers this service for wine, spirits, beer, and even kegs, for your convenience. We also offer a selection of mixers and glasses through our online order form.


If you are looking for options that allow you to help the industry on a broader scale, there are many non-profit groups that are organizing donation drives to offer aid to the hospitality community. These groups aim to offer immediate financial help to businesses themselves, as well as their service staff during these difficult times. Many restaurant owners around the country have also started GoFundMe fundraising accounts in an effort to provide some financial relief to their laid-off employees.

This pandemic has put a financial strain on everyone, and we are all in it together. We can all help the hospitality industry get through this ordeal, since we will still be purchasing food products. Be sure to support the places in your community where you have made memories over

the years. Every little bit helps, and they will surely be grateful for all business they receive as they struggle to hang on.