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5 Brunch Cocktails for Summer of 2021

Brunch is always a fun time, but that is especially true in the summer months, where you can venture around and enjoy the sunshine outdoors. When people think of brunch, the typical cocktail selections usually consist of bloody marys or mimosas. While these are solid brunch choices, there are so many other options out there to try, too. Don’t overlook the brunch must-haves on this list. These awesome cocktails are sure to impress your guests and get the party started.

75 Redux

This is a great brunch take on the French 75, which substitutes cognac for gin. Combine cognac with fresh lemon juice and simple syrup. All you need to do is then shake it and strain it into a champagne flute. Top with a healthy pour of your favorite extra dry champagne and a lemon peel garnish.


Bourbon and orange will pack the right punch to get your brunch soiree off to a strong start. The Seelbach is much stiffer than your standard champagne cocktail. You start with curaçao and bourbon in a champagne flute. Then add bitters and top with sparkling wine.

Sangria Lemonade

There are plenty of ways to booze up lemonade, but we like using light rum and a dry, oaky chardonnay. Start with a simple homemade lemonade to impress your brunch guests (consider keeping some of it aside for non-drinkers and anyone underage; it’s a great non-alcoholic brunch beverage offering). Upgrade the rest of the lemonade to a sangria lemonade, adding fresh raspberries, sliced oranges, and granny smith apples. Be sure to chill it in the fridge for at least an hour before you serve for best results.

Raspberry Mimosas

No list of brunch cocktails would be complete without a spin on the classic mimosa. We love a good raspberry mimosa in the summer. Feel free to use blackberries, cherries, or blueberries as a substitution. The berries are fresh and you can get them local, so they’re a perfect addition to brunch. Make your own raspberry sorbet if you want to get fancy, or buy it in-store. Many recipes call for sparkling Moscato, but we prefer using a brut or extra dry champagne to balance out the sweetness of the Chambord.

To create a raspberry mimosa, drop a scoop of the sorbet into the champagne glass (with a sugar rim) and top with Chambord. Add your sparkly of choice and top with fresh berries.

Champagne Mules

This one is like a Moscow Mule but with a mimosa twist. Instead of ginger beer, this recipe calls for champagne. Combine vodka, champagne, fresh lime, and a splash of ginger liquor for a perfect brunch addition. Don’t forget the fresh lime and mint for the garnish.

We hope that something on our list of brunch favorites piqued your interest. Always remember that when you serve stronger drinks like these at brunch, you should include appetizers, too. Stop into stock up on everything you need for hosting your next brunch. Your guests will love something a little different!