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holiday cocktails

5 Holiday Cocktails to Wow Your Dinner Guests

We’ve all heard the songs about how “Christmas comes only once a year” and how it’s the “most wonderful time” and all that jazz. While it’s true that Christmastime is magical for so many, it’s also a time full of traditions, which can make hosting a little bit daunting. Of course, as a host, you want to honor the expectations of the time of year, but providing guests with an outstanding experience is a natural aspect of having people in your home. A simple way to put your gathering over the top is through the use of cocktails. Providing top-quality, unique holiday cocktails honors the magic of the season while adding that little bit of edge that every host seeks.

The process of providing these drinks doesn’t have to be complicated. There are endless options of pre-batched cocktails for larger parties, unique options for the adventurous, and fun and sweet cocktails for those who want to drink their dessert. In short, there’s a cocktail for everyone.

1. Homemade Eggnog

This recipe for homemade eggnog is perfect for folks who love the traditional drink. It’s sweet, creamy, and absolutely delicious while avoiding the need for preservative-pumped boxed nog. The portions are already locked down for a large party, making this an ideal choice for the Christmas party purist.

2. Mulled Sangria

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s easy to daydream of beach climes during the winter months. This recipe is ideal for those who want to blend their love for beach drinks with their love of Christmas. Boasting fresh dark fruits such as pomegranate and cranberry, this cocktail keeps it fruity and bright without feeling out of place for the season. The mulling spices push it over the top into the ultimate cozy winter drink. Plus, it’s ideal for a premade batch. What’s not to love?

3. Cinnamon Bourbon Old-Fashioned

Boy, oh boy, it’s hard to get cozier and more midwestern than a good Old-Fashioned. This pre-batched version packs an extra-festive punch with cinnamon and rosemary, making this drink a perfect complement to turkey dinner and pumpkin pie. If your gathering is smaller or not particularly bourbon-crazy, it’s an easy drink to make by the glass as well.

4. Vanilla Chai White Russian

If you love spice but don’t want to put in the time to make a pie, this cutie’s for you. Boasting all the creaminess of eggnog without the actual eggs, this drink checks all the boxes of an ideal Christmas beverage: sweet and spicy, chilled but warm-tasting, and oh so very unique. If you want to serve it with pie, we won’t tell.

5. Buddy the Elf Cocktail

There’s no denying it; this cocktail is sweet. If you, like Buddy the Elf, love to indulge around the holidays (or all the time, we don’t judge), this cocktail is definitely for you. Boasting heavy cream, maple syrup, molasses, and candies to top, this baby makes all your childhood dessert dreams come true while satisfying the very adult need for booze at Christmas. Win-win.

Payless Liquors is stocked and ready to help you serve up these fabulous cocktails. Check out our online form to order your ingredients today and rest easy knowing that the holidays’ boozy aspect is covered.