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bloody Mary

All About the Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is one of the most unique cocktails in history, and not just because it uses some very unconventional ingredients that you’re unlikely to find in most other cocktails. It’s because if you were to ask 10 different bartenders to make you a Bloody Mary, you would probably have 10 very different cocktails.

History of the Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary originally appeared at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, France, concocted by bartender Fernand Petiot. A patron who sampled the drink suggested the name “Bloody Mary,” named after a girl he knew named Mary from the Bucket of Blood Club in Chicago. The original mix was equal parts vodka and tomato juice. After moving to the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City, Petiot adapted the recipe and gave it a kick: He added black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and a dash of Tabasco hot pepper sauce to create the signature cocktail known and loved today.

How to Make a Bloody Mary of Your Own

While Petiot’s original Bloody Mary recipe became the standard and the basis for the wildly popular Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix from the McIlhenny Company in 1976, you can find countless different recipes at bars across the nation today. You can also mix your own Bloody Mary at home, adding a unique spin to make your own special version of this timeless classic.

Bloody Mary is typically enjoyed as a breakfast cocktail. It’s great for relieving a hangover and pairs perfectly with a breakfast of bacon and eggs, so salty, spicy, and savory additions are great choices when it comes to perfecting your Bloody Mary recipe. If you want to make your own Bloody Mary mix, it’s a good idea to combine everything but the alcohol the night before you plan on drinking your Bloody Mary. This gives the spices and flavors time to blend. Aside from the standard black and cayenne pepper, you can experiment with other spices like lemon pepper, celery salt, and chile powder for a spicier Bloody Mary.

Choosing Your Alcohol

Vodka is the standard for a Bloody Mary, but you can find lots of different vodkas that create different flavors in your drink. Absolute Peppar is a fantastic option that contributes beautifully to the spiciness of the Bloody Mary. You can also make a great Bloody Mary with mezcal, tequila, or rye whiskey.

Putting It All Together

Presentation is a big part of the appeal of the Bloody Mary. The traditional garnish is a stalk of celery with the leaves intact on one end, but you can take this much further depending on your mix and your preferences. Pickled jalapeno peppers, olives, and lemon slices are great choices for garnishes. For something a bit saltier and savorier, add a whole strip of crisply cooked bacon!

The Bloody Mary can be a great way to kick off your first day on vacation or the perfect remedy for a weekend hangover. It may take some experimentation, but eventually you can make a Bloody Mary that’s perfectly suited to your tastes with a bit of patience. Payless Liquors has all the top-shelf liquors you’ll need to make the perfect Bloody Mary, so contact us today to see if we have what you need in stock.