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Angel’s Envy Rye with Limited Edition Caribbean Rum Cask Finish

There are so many whiskeys on the market that they can sometimes be indistinguishable. Bourbon after bourbon; rye after rye…so many, it all begins to taste the same. So how can a distiller make his whiskey stand out? This was the question Angel Envy’s Master Distiller, Lincoln Henderson faced. His answer: give it a unique twist.

Some distillers have tried to set their whiskey apart by blending a few straight whiskeys to rye34create a more complex flavor profile. Henderson wanted to do something different. After seeing the tremendous success from Angel Envy’s bourbon finished in port barrels, he knew a similar process with a rye whiskey would be just the thing to set his apart.

So, Henderson ran with this idea, deciding that a rum cask finish would be the perfect complement to his rye whiskey. After sampling more than 100 rums to find the perfect flavoring, the decision was unanimous among the team. They settled on casks used previously as a part of the 10-plus year-old bottling of Ferrand’s Plantation Rum XO 20th Anniversary release. However, this was not the casks’ first assignment. Originally, they were used as Cognac barrels, adding even more history and flavor to Angel Envy’s creation.

After aging the already-older-than-most rye for six years, it was moved to these Caribbean rum casks to age for an additional 18 months. This aging process in the rum casks really sets apart what would otherwise be a perfectly fine, middle of the pack rye whiskey.

The result is a crystal clear whiskey with a slight amber coloring. Mouthwatering scents of maple and brown sugar dominate the pour at an almost-but-not-quite overwhelming intensity, with hints of citrus, caramel, and spice underneath. The taste is slightly more conventional and controlled than the smell would suggest. The maple and brown sugar are still at the forefront, but better mixed with the rye base and mint, honey, and cinnamon flavors. Despite the bottle’s 100 proof, the finish is sweet, simple, and easy without being too drying.

Angel’s Envy Rye finished in Caribbean rum casks is a unique bottle, standing out in a saturated whiskey market. This dessert-like whiskey is perfect for special occasions like holiday parties, family gatherings, and more! Bring a bottle of this with you and you’re almost guaranteed to be everyone’s best friend at the party.

With only 30,000 bottles made so far, it could be tough to get your hands on. Use our Contact Us form to reserve a bottle…it’s up to you if you keep it for yourself or share with family and friends.