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autumn wine pairings

Wine to Pair with Autumn Foods

Picking wine to pair with the fall food season can be overwhelming. You want something that will complement your meal and you need a wine that is easily accessible. This blog post will break down some of the best wines for your dishes this season. 

When pairing wines with fall foods, you want to focus on the color of food and temperature. For lighter-colored wines, match it with lighter-colored dishes that are cooked at a lower heat while darker colors go along better when paired up against heavier wine or grilling something.

Rose Pairings

All year long, rosé wine is a great choice for dinner parties and can pair well with all sorts of meals. One such variation that transitions from the summer to fall season seamlessly is grenache rosè. It’s one of the fruitiest varietals but also contains just enough tannins and acidity to match up against autumn cuisine. 

With fall dishes in mind, cabernet sauvignon rosé has a unique acidity that pairs wonderfully with spicy food. As these wines are big and bold, they pair well when you have time to enjoy them over the course of your evening – whether it be before or after dinner!

White Wine Pairings

Although chardonnay is a staple in the wine industry and has immense popularity, we believe viognier deserves just as much recognition. This unique white grape variety possesses honeysuckle qualities that make it stand out from other wines such as chardonnay or riesling. The key to choosing which varietal-style of this grape you like best depends on your desired taste profile: do you want something lighter? Then go for dryer styles; if richness and sweetness are more appealing then sweeter varieties fit the bill!

While the summer heat still lingers, enjoy an ice cold glass of Bordeaux Blanch. This white wine is made with two incredible grapes that are mixed together to create a denser yet acidic beverage which makes it perfect for fall foods.

Red Wine Pairings

Pinot noir is one of the best wines to pair with fall foods. It’s bright acidity, complexity and rich fruity character pairs nicely with just about any food pairing- it’s a highly versatile wine!

Deep zinfandel is a perfect fall wine for those who love sweet potatoes. These smooth wines can have hints of smoke and dark fruits, while others lean towards earthy with less fruit-forward flavor. Depending on which bottle you grab, you can pair it like one would pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon type flavors that complement its own unique taste profile.

The deep tannin-filled red you’ve been waiting for, this is the Bordeaux rouge. For meals filled with hefty meats and heavier palates (think potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms), go for a strong red wine to pair perfectly with rich meat dishes.

You want to be able to pick up a wine in the store and know you’ll love it. If this sounds like what you need, we can help! We have curated our list of best wines for fall that will not only complement your meal but also be easy accessible at Payless Liquors! Pick up one today!