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Best Beers for a Summertime Tailgate

As large events begin to start back up, so do many of our common pregame and preshow rituals. Tailgating is a popular social practice for many and can amplify our enjoyment of sporting events, concerts, and more. After all, it’s always great to relax with our friends and family at a tailgate on a hot summer’s day.

As many of us know, there’s no tailgate staple quite like a cold beer, which leaves an important question: which beers are best suited to your next summer tailgate? While there are many possibilities, we have some suggestions. Consider checking out these eight beers for your next summertime tailgate:

1. Oskar Blues IPA

This flavorful IPA is packed with light notes of fruit, including pineapple and citrus. The body is on the drier side, with a smooth finish. Simple yet sturdy, Oskar Blues IPA is perfect for a get-together or tailgate.

2. Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale

This southern go-to features a fresh profile of herbal and floral notes. A true pale ale, this beer has the perfect amount of hops and a gentle hint of malt. Refreshing and reliable, try a can or two of Sweetwater 420 at your next tailgate.

3. Sixpoint THE CRISP

A highly refreshing option, this beer is ideal for a hot summer’s day. Featuring a floral aroma at first whiff, THE CRISP finishes with a flavor that is clean and crisp. It’s fair to say that this beer has earned its name.

4. Abbot Ale

For something a bit outside the norm, consider trying this English ale at your next tailgate or summer event. This beer is well-known for its natural, oaky taste, plus a malt flavor with a slight caramel touch. We think you’ll find the ideal, clean balance of sweet and bitter.

5. Founders All Day IPA

With a lower than expected ABV at just 4.7%, it’s effortless to toss back this beer without a care in the world. Plus, it doesn’t skimp on taste— this IPA features a complex flavor profile, striking a balance among malts, grains, and hops. Add on a clean finish, and you have yourself a great beer for tailgating.

6. Estrella Damm

Another highly refreshing pick with a light finish, Estrella Damm is perfect for a hot summer’s day. Brewed in the Mediterranean, this lager was formulated to suit warmer climates. It boasts an aroma of fresh spices, a flavor of toasted grains and drinks smooth, with a bitter, long-lasting finish.

7. Heineken Lager

Heineken is a staple worth mentioning, particularly when it comes to tailgates and summer outings. Smooth, clean, and refreshing, this popular Dutch lager is well-suited to a summer’s day. Take in the fruity aroma and relax at your next tailgate.

8. Tecate

Even though this Mexican beer is on the lighter side, it still provides a full flavor which pairs well with many go-to tailgate snacks. You’ll find this beer refreshing, crisp, and malty, all with a lingering, pleasant aftertaste.

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