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Best Gifts for a Liquor Lover

With Christmas Day fast approaching, many may still be looking for the perfect gift to get for friends and family. But when it comes to gifting for the cocktail lovers in your life, there are a lot of possibilities. Whether you’re looking to get the cocktail lover in your life the latest mixology gear, the perfect set of glasses, or of course, a delicious bottle of liquor, we have the guide you need to buy for the liquor lover in your life this Christmas!

New Glassware for Mixing and Drinking

Any cocktail maestro knows there is a glass for every occasion. Whether they are in need of a set of stout simple tumblers and old-fashioned glasses, classy and broad snifters, or a set of fun martini glasses for their next party, you should ask if there are any specific drink vessels that your friend or family member is in need of. Many aspiring home mixologists will be overjoyed to get a set of new glasses.

For cocktail lovers who already have their cabinets filled with an impressive collection of classic glasses, a decanter might be a great gift. Storing alcohol in a decanter allows for the liquor to breathe and helps to release more flavor. Similarly, a decanter can be the centerpiece of a bar, with a variety of intricate glass or even crystal stylings, as well as many different color options to match the bar’s ambiance.

Novelty glasses, like a fun, exotic tiki glass, are also a great gift idea for any cocktail lover, as these can be harder to find, and their whimsical appearance makes for a great conversation topic at parties.

Cocktail Books

Even the most experienced cocktail creators enjoy hearing about new recipes, and a cocktail book makes for a great gift to help the liquor lovers in your life expand their own home bar menus. Cocktail books can open the door to delicious new recipes or old undiscovered classics for a cocktail lover. There are even themed cocktail books that celebrate sports, movies, or shows that can be a great guide for themed parties.

Also, be sure to ask the cocktail lover in your life if there are any mixologists or chefs they admire. Most celebrity chefs and drink makers have their own mixology recipe books that not only have plenty of tasty recipes but also share their own stories about their journey as cocktail craftspeople.

Bartending Tools

For the up-and-coming mixologists, a great holiday gift to consider is a bar tool kit. These will consist of commonly used bar tools that many people who are just getting started in mixology don’t have in their kitchen cabinets. These kits include strainers, mixing spoons, measured shot glasses, and other important utensils that are key to making a cocktail.

For the more experienced mixologists, you can consider gifting them higher-ticket bartending tools like an immersion blender or a smoker to take their cocktail creation to the next level.

A Nice Bottle of Booze

There are few presents better to give your liquor-loving friends than a nice bottle of their favorite booze. Whether you are getting them a nicely aged whiskey or scotch, a deliciously distilled tequila, or a rare specialty liqueur, whatever liquor you buy them, Payless Liquors has a terrific selection to choose from.