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5 Easy to Prepare Cocktails

Sometimes summer fun can come along with gatherings and group functions that are unexpected. When this happens, you might find yourself scrambling to be a good host. To help you out with these last minute hang-outs, we created a list of some of the easiest cocktails to prepare, especially on short notice. Cheers!

Top 5 Easy Cocktails

1. Gin and Tonic

A gin and tonic is one of the most simple, refreshing cocktails, especially during the summer. You can make this easy, delicious cocktail with just three ingredients: any gin that you prefer (or have on hand), some tonic water, and a splash of fresh lime juice. This drink is great for parties, as it can be made quickly and is a crowd favorite.


-2 oz gin

-3-4 oz tonic water

-Lime wedge

2. Old Fashioned

This classic crowd-pleaser is another simple cocktail that is perfect for sipping during conversation. It only takes three ingredients and a garnish of fresh citrus. Here’s the recipe for a classic old fashioned—don’t forget to add the bitters on top of the sugar cube to help it dilute!


-1 sugar cube

-2-3 dashes of bitters

-2 oz of whiskey (bourbon or rye also work)

-Lemon twist or wedge of preferred citrus

-1 large ice cube

3. Vodka Soda

Quite possibly the easiest cocktail to be created, a vodka soda is exactly what it sounds like—vodka and soda mixed together. This drink is refreshing and flexible, allowing you to use whatever vodka or soda you prefer. A vodka soda is the perfect cocktail to enjoy with friends and family.


-2 oz vodka

-4 oz of any soda, plain or flavored

-lemon wedge for garnish

4. Spiked Lemonade

Another great cocktail that you can easily throw together this summer is a delicious batch of spiked lemonade. Many people either have the ingredients to make lemonade or already have pre-made lemonade during the summer, making this a great option for last minute cocktails. Spiking your lemonade is the perfect way to liven up an already great drink and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Recipe: (makes 4-6 cocktails)

-8 oz vodka

-24 oz lemonade (or to taste)

-fresh lemon slices

5. Martini

Martinis are another classic cocktail that are quick to make and perfect to sip on. They’re flexible too, in that you can use vodka or gin, as well as bitters being optional too. This drink is super simple to shake up and serve to your guests.


-2 oz gin (or vodka)

-1 oz vermouth

-dash of bitters (optional)

Making Easy Cocktails at Home

Whether you prefer a gin and tonic or a simple martini, there are a multitude of different, easy cocktails out there for you to throw together on a fun, summer night.

At Payless Liquors, we love a simple cocktail to share with friends. From vodka to whiskey, vermouth to gin, we offer a wide selection of liquors to help you make your favorite cocktails at any time. Check out our website to see all of our different options.