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bloody mary cocktail

Bloody Mary: Cocktail Alternatives


A Bloody Mary is a true classic. It makes a great companion if you’re looking for a weekend brunch cocktail or the cure for a wicked hangover. Bloody Marys are traditionally made with vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot pepper or Tabasco sauce, salt and pepper, and are garnished with a celery stalk and stuffed green olives.


There are plenty of ways to spice up your traditional Bloody Mary. You could add a splash of pickle juice or an extra dash of hot pepper, but have you ever considered swapping out the vodka for another liquor? A traditional Bloody Mary primarily combines tomato juice and vodka, but you can take liberties and make the Bloody Mary your own! Surprise your brunch guests with these amazing vodka Bloody Mary alternatives.


Red Snapper


Up first, try gin. A Bloody Mary that uses gin in place of vodka is called a Red Snapper. This beautiful red cocktail is a fresh take on the classic hangover cure. Gin offers unique botanical flavors to any cocktail from its juniper berry origins to its infusions with various herbs, seeds, roots, and berries. Depending on your preferences, gin can add botanicals of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and citrus peels. Instead of celery, perhaps add a slice of cucumber when using Hendricks Gin in your Saturday morning Red Snapper.


Bloody Maria


For a perfect and popular Mexican twist on the Bloody Mary, meet Mary’s counterpart: the Bloody Maria. In this cocktail, you’ll swap the vodka for tequila. Mary’s vodka sometimes gets lost in all the other strong flavors. No matter what else you add in a Bloody Maria, you’ll never miss the strength of tequila. Though Bloody Marys typically call for lemon juice, feel free to swap it for lime juice when mixing up a Bloody Maria.




You can also try a Bloody Mary with your favorite beer. Yes, you heard us right—beer in a Bloody Mary! Think of this cocktail as a combination between a margarita and a Bloody Mary, also known as a Michelada. To create a delightful vacation in a glass, swap the lemon for a lime. Then add hot sauce to this cocktail with salt and even chili seasonings around the rim. You and your party guests will love this fun and casual twist on your favorite Bloody Mary! Or is it a twist on your favorite beer?


Bloody Marianne

Finally, try bourbon in place of vodka for a sophisticated and incredibly flavorful gourmet twist. If you’re new to liquor, bourbon is a kind of American whiskey made with 51 percent corn and aged in oak barrels. The bold liquor can be garnished with bacon, bacon salt, goat cheese, pimento-stuffed olives, and sun-dried tomatoes. This zesty cocktail, called a Bloody Marianne, combines the classic spiciness of a Bloody Mary with the sweet aromatic of bourbon. Bourbon offers flavors like caramel, vanilla, and oak, bringing a sweet balance to the spices of the Bloody Mary.


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