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Booker's Blue Knights Batch

Booker’s Blue Knights Batch

We all know and love Jim Beam, but we don’t always get to hear about some of the other brands distilled by Jim Beam. Booker’s Blue Knights Batch is one of them and is the 2nd of the 2017 Booker’s releases. This batch was named in honor of Booker Noe’s lesser known group of friends, The Blue Knights Motorcycle Club. This was an international group of active and retired law enforcement officers that shared a passion for the open road.

In Jim Beam’s words, “Booker’s Blue Knights Batch is culled from barrels from four different production dates located in four different warehouses. The nose is sweet with vanilla notes, mixed with wood from the white oak barrels. The mingling aromas and tastes from different barrels make this a great, well-balanced batch.”

  • 2% from 4th floor of 7-story warehouse ONE
  • 38% from 7th floor of 9-story warehouse D
  • 33% from 7th floor of 9-story warehouse F
  • 27% from 7th floor of 9-story warehouse J

This whiskey has a mash bill of 77% corn, 13% rye, and 10% malted barley, and was aged in a New Charred Oak cask for a little over 6 years. It is bottled at cask strength and barrel proof of 127, it’s the closest you can get to getting it out of the cask yourself. Caramel to the eye, nicely balanced, full-bodied with a heavy oily feel. Booker’s Blue Knights Batch just has an all-around rich, dense and oaky profile.Booker's Blue Knights Batch

Nose: Oak roasted peanuts, Dark Fruit, baking spice, cocoa, and toffee. All-around described as very pleasant.

Taste: Oak roasted peanuts, dark fruit, baking spice, cocoa, leather, and toffee, also described as pleasant.

Finish: A very long finish of oak and peanuts, a little brown sugar, clove and herbal spice.

Perfect for easy going sipping on a spring day! Reserve your bottle of Booker’s Blue Knights Batch while the selection is available. Cheers!