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Celebrating the Craft Whiskey of the Year

The beginning of a new year calls for celebrating those things that were standouts in the past year. Today we would like to celebrate a renowned whiskey product that is now available at Payless Liquors stores. That product would be none other than St. George Single Malt, Lot 14.

Named “Craft Whiskey of the Year” by Whiskey Advocate Magazine, St. George Single Malt will surely not disappoint. Hailing from Alameda, California, this whiskey is as American as they get. The finished product comes from a combination of ex-bourbon, ex-Tennessee, French and American oak sherry and port, St. George apple brandy and Blacksmith Cellars white wine barrels. As you can tell, this combination of barrels certainly adds to the complex of flavor Lot 14 provides. The 100% barley whiskeys is aged between 4 to 15 years and bottled at 86 proof. 

Explore the tasting notes of this most balanced American Single Malt on the market, below:

The Nose

Aroma is a combination of all spice, chocolate, ripe mango and a refreshing floral scents. The heavy chocolate aroma offers a decedent introduction.

The Palate

On the palate, enjoy an overwhelming taste of grain and sweet honeysuckle, with hints of dark chocolate. Notes of spice and creamy vanilla are also present at the first sip. A bit dry, but don’t let that discourage you.

The Finish

A hauntingly sweet finish leaves note of spice and delicate fruit. One glass won’t be enough.

Get your hands on this year’s “Craft Whiskey of the Year” by requesting a bottler per our website. Hurry and reserve, because these bottles won’t last!

Cheers to a new year, and great new spirits!