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DIY Gift Baskets

DIY Gift Baskets for the Drink Enthusiast in Your Life

If you find yourself stuck inside this holiday season with a little more time on your hands than you had in the past, consider using it to be more creative with your gifts. Despite this year’s holiday stretch looking different than before, gift-giving can still be a fun part of your celebrations. DIY gift baskets are becoming more popular, and it’s obvious why! A homemade gift basket can incorporate all of someone’s favorite things, and surprises can be scattered throughout so that the basket contains everything one needs to enjoy the festive times without leaving their home. Let’s take a look at just how easy it is to put together the best gift basket for all the cocktail, beer, or wine-loving people in your life.


First, Pick Your Theme

Choosing the theme of your gift basket is a great place to start. Decide who you are making it for; would they appreciate a Happy Hour-themed basket full of select beers and salty snacks, or do you know someone who has deemed themselves a martini or a cosmo connoisseur? Their basket may include cocktail glasses, various gin and vodka bottles, and dry vermouth or triple sec with recipe cards and garnishes to make the perfect drink. Some other unique and creative ideas include the Wine Lovers basket, Brunch Beverage basket, and a New Year’s Eve basket stocked with Champagne, glass flutes, and party hats too. Your theme can be anything!


Next, Choose a “Basket”

Now that you have your theme, it is time to select the perfect basket or container. Any kind will do. When we hear “gift-basket,” we automatically think of traditional wicker or wire round basket-style containers with or without handles. Here is where you can let your imagination run wild. Instead of the conventional basket, why not use a wooden crate, an extra-large mason jar with a lid, a glass pitcher (think margarita theme), an ice chest, or even a lantern would be cool!


Assemble the Gift Baskets

It’s time to gather up your finds and pull them all together. To add color and cushion, use crinkle paper shreds or tissue paper as a filler to secure the items and help them all be seen at once. Take items out of their boxes and packaging like stemware and other accessories and place them in the container as you like. A few other great ideas are to find a good place to attach a card, fasten a bottle opener to a basket handle with a festive ribbon, and personalize the gift with a special ornament to display the sentiment, “Happy Holidays.”


Spread Some Joy With DIY Gift Baskets!

At this time, you are ready to deliver your gifts. Arrange a time when you know the receiver is available and let them know you will be dropping off a special surprise on the porch. Securing the entire container with clear cellophane may be something you want to do to ensure all the contents stay in place.


Bring meaning to the phrase “Happiness is Homemade” with your DIY holiday gift baskets this year, and let us at Payless Liquors help. We can supply everything you’re looking for to fill a one-of-a-kind gift basket for the friend or family member who loves to have a good time.