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Fine Cognac By Law

This just in at Payless Liquors! This week we welcomed a great-value to our shelves. Hardy VS Fine Cognac- Red Corner is a creamy blend made with spirit aged in Limosouin oak for 5 years.

Aging Requirements

Did you know that a spirit must meet a required minimum of 2 years to be recognized as a cognac by law? Hardvy VS meets those requirement with an added 3 years, just to make sure. Some would even consider it to be extremely “youthful”, hence the short aging process.

History of Hardy

Hardy Cognac has a rich history that dates back to 1863. They are well known for their hardy-vs-fine-cognac-red-corner-cognacquality cognacs as well as traditional production methods. Each bottle can be recognized by the familiar rooster logo and the evident traditional recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Cognac Characteristics & Flavors

Each bottle is an elegant pale color with golden reflections. The nose has a sweet honeyed aroma with hints of plum, creamy caramel and mixed nuts. On the palate, Hardy VS is very smooth with tones of toasted oak and dark fruit flavors. The harmonious blend of cognacs from the best regions around the world, also offers a balanced freshness and floral notes. The finish is long with a slight floral exit.

Reserve Now

At just $19.99 a bottle, Hardy VS Fine Cognac won’t last on our shelves for very long. We encourage you to reserve a bottle here on our website today.