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For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow: Old Forester 13th Birthday Edition

The Brown Forman Distilling Company has been producing quality Old Forester Kentucky Bourbon for over 140 years. In fact, “Old Forester is the only bourbon still in existence today that was produced before, during and after Prohibition by its original distiller,” says Chris Morris, the Master Distiller. Now that is an accomplishment! In commemoration of founder George Garvin Brown’s birthday on September 2nd, each year Old Forester releases a special Birthday Bourbon. This year will mark the 13th year for the much anticipated, limited-edition Birthday Bottle.

The Birthday Bottle release is selected from a single day of production and handcrafted by Chris Morris. It’s a small batch bottled at 97 proof and provides a one-of-a-kind vintage-dated flavor that can’t be replicated. It’s no coincidence that the bottle also embodies a decanter-esque style. This style of bottle dates back to the 1800s when Old Forester first started producing their highly-acclaimed bourbon. Each bottles has its sign of approval from George Brown featured on the label, along with the barrel and bottling date. This touch gives each bottle a personality and individuality.

The Nose

The nose of the 13th edition lends a creamy soft vanilla beam aroma, with hints of cinnamon spice, maple syrup and orange peel.

The Taste

A bit dry in the beginning, the bourbon opens to a sweet, oaky complex flavor. Notes of caramelized citrus are also present.

The Finish

The finish is warming on the palate with a yeasty yet cake-like feel.

Morris adds that, “The complex flavor and warm finish with just a hint of sweetness make this year’s batch a must-have release.”

This year, The Old Forester’s Birthday Bottle 13th Edition will be available at Payless Liquors’ stores the first week of October. Don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of history. Once these bottles are gone, they are gone.

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