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New to Wine? Here Are 3 Tips for Finding a Wine You Love

Wine is one of the oldest and most celebrated alcoholic beverages on the planet. It’s found throughout history in virtually every part of the world in some form or another. Today, there are so many wine varieties available that it can be overwhelming for someone who is new to wine to find one that’s perfect for his or her palate. If you’re interested in getting into wine, you should have some idea of how to start finding your favorite variety.

  1. Consider Your Favorite Foods and Flavors

Throughout history, people have consumed different types of wines with different types of foods to enhance and complement their flavors. While most people know that red wines complement red meats and rich foods and white wines pair better with poultry, seafood, and lighter fare, you can take this deeper and find a wine that complements your other tastes when it comes to food and drink.

For example, how do you take your coffee? If you prefer a creamy, silky latte over bitter black coffee, New World wines such as Merlot, Shiraz, and Malbec could be great entry points for you into the world of wine. If you prefer bold and bitter black coffee, Old World wines such as Bordeaux reds, Aglianico, and Sangiovese are probably more your speed.

  1. Refining Your Wine Tastes

As you develop your taste in wine, you should probably find one or two reds and one or two whites you prefer. When it comes to white wine, you can define your taste more easily by thinking about what you typically like to drink with your breakfast. If apple juice and sweetness is more your preference, sweet white wines like Moscato and Riesling could be perfect for you. If tart grapefruit juice is your style, then reach for a dry white wine like Sauvignon Blanc or Verdejo.

Next, think about the flavors you prefer for desserts. Is something sweet and creamy your preference over sharp and tart fruity flavors? Then you will probably want an oak-aged white wine like Pinot Blanc or Oaked Chardonnay. If you love the acidity of lemon sorbet, then reach for a bottle of white wine with higher acidity like Pinot Grigio, Albarino, or German Riesling.

When it comes to choosing your favorite reds, the two most prominent factors in red wines are acidity and body. If you prefer fruity flavors and tartness over creamy flavors, then a bold and acidic red wine will probably hit the spot for you. If you want something more earthy and bold, a red wine with a strong body will feel lusher in the mouth.

  1. Remember that Your Tastes Will Change Over Time

If you look at a wine tasting list at a local winery, you may see more than 100 different varieties of wine and feel completely lost. It’s unreasonable to expect to learn everything there is to know about every variety of wine, so instead of focusing on specific grape varieties or brands, start thinking more about the types of flavors you want to enjoy.

Once you try several varieties of wine, you will start to develop a pattern in your wine preferences and generally have an easier time selecting the one you want at the time. Your preferences will change over time, but there are so many different wines available that you’re sure to find something that hits the spot. Contact Payless Liquors if you’re looking for something in particular; we’ll be glad to help you find the perfect wine for you.