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Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Founded in 1899, Suntory Whisky was founded with the desire to create a whisky embodying the true essence of Japanese nature. Over 100 years later, this blend has been released in the United States as the Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky.

img_hibiki01The Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky is a blend of the finest whiskies produced by the House of Suntory, each with at least 10 malts and grains with a variety of flavors and aromas that complement each other to perfection. With its amber color and hints of rosemary, fruitiness, and sandalwood in the aroma, this whisky will not disappoint. The flavor is a delicate mixture of honeylike sweetness, orange peel, and white chocolate, with a subtle spice that lingers, making you want to take another sip.

Earning many awards and honors, including the International Spirits Challenge Gold Award, Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whisky is held as one of the most prestigious whiskies in the world. Because of this, demand is high and the whisky can be very limited. Get your bottle today at our East Street store (3825 S. East Street, Indianapolis, IN 46227) or reserve it today by using our Contact Us form!