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Hidden Gems at Payless

We’re all looking for buried treasure. Whether it’s playing the lottery or binge watching Antiques Roadshow, everyone dreams of hitting the motherload and never working again. We can’t promise you expensive jewels or pricy coin collections at Payless Liquors, but we do have a few hidden gems we’d like to share with you!

In the next few months, we’d like to share a few rare products from our Payless vaults (yes, we have vaults; they’re hidden). At Payless Liquors, we want the customer to be king. That’s why we’re sharing 2005 George De Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon with you first!

George De Latour is unsurprisingly named after its founder, a Napa Valley original who started his Rutherford vineyards over a century ago. The same grapes are now sent to a state of the art winery, where Beaulieu Vineyard produces this company’s flagship wine.

The current run of these wines are quite good, but we think the 2005 George De Latour is a hidden treasure you will only open on a very special occasion. In a series of wine reviews, expert taster S.H. from Wine Enthusiast had this to say about 2005 George De Latour: “This is one for the cellar and will age for at least a decade and probably far longer.” But enough about history and ratings. Let’s get to the wine!

After popping open this bottle, you will get the strong scents of blackberry, plum and oak. The last is from the barrel aging of this wine. The body of George De Latour is medium-full bodied, and great for heavier meals. The coloring is that of black cherry and grapes, and the pour gives off hues of red and pink, hinting at the complexity here.

The first taste you will get from this vintage is that of blackberry, black cherry and mocha. There are more subtle hints of black licorice and vanilla, which come from the aging process. If you’re looking for a simpler wine, you will not want the 2005 George De Latour. This is a complex, concentrated wine with multiple layers. However, the vanilla and mocha compliment the fruity, strong blend quite well.

If you looking to pair this vintage with food, keep in mind the body and aroma as well as the taste of this wine. You’re looking for slightly heavier foods, because lighter fare will be overwhelmed. For a tasting I would suggest heavy, creamy cheeses like Brie. If you’re pairing this with a full meal, you cannot go wrong with filet mignon!

If you’re in the mood to go treasure hunting, I couldn’t suggest a better prize than the 2005 George De Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Please contact us if you’re interested in reserving a bottle. The price is $103.99. I do not think they will last long!