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Home Bar: Building Your Own

Building Your Own Home Bar


With many of us staying home with the current state of things, mixing cocktails at home has become an increasingly popular pastime. Being able to control flavor and alcohol content is an alluring draw, and the flexibility of home experimentation has never been more exciting than now with so many new spirits reaching the market. But, as with all things, there must be a place to begin. Assembling your own home bar requires just a few tools, and key liquors and mixers for a well-stocked home bar.


First, you’ll need tools:


  • Cocktail shaker and strainer. This is a classic. You’ll often see your favorite bartender shaking up a cocktail behind the bar, so this is an absolute necessity. Whether you pick one with a screw-on lid, or a lid that you can hold on tightly is up to you, but finding the right size and most comfortable option is important.


  • Shot glasses or a jigger. I know what you’re thinking, but this is for measurement purposes. If you want a good ratio, to follow a recipe, or want a repeatable creation, having a good shot glass set is vital. And of course, you can drink out of them too. A jigger has an hourglass shape, with different measurement sizes, so you’ll get the perfect pour every time.


  • Bar spoon. That long handled spoon isn’t just for show. While the cocktail shaker is fun and the right option for many cocktails, not every drink should be shaken. The right cocktail spoon will help you stir up the best drinks possible.


There are all kinds of other fancy things you can get, like smoking tools for different flavors, but these are the basics. A good knife is a big help too, for all those citruses and garnishes.


Next, you’ll need to think about the most important items, spirits. Having a good variety is key, so here are some good and popular items to have.


  • No list would be complete without this clear spirit. Coming in at a variety of price ranges and regions, vodka is perhaps one of the more personal spirit choices out there. A good option is Tito’s. Affordable and drinkable.


  • A popular spirit, used for martinis and G&Ts, having a decent gin is important. You can choose from some unique American gin or go with the classic Tanqueray.


  • Good for more than just shooters, tequila is an optimal addition to any home bar. Who doesn’t love a nice refreshing margarita in the summer?


  • A timeless option for different cocktails or for sipping, rum is a home bar must-have.


  • There’s a lot to say about this spirit, and we can’t force you which to choose. If you like a sweeter flavor, choose an Irish whiskey, or for a bolder option a rye. The choice is yours to make.


With the trickier items covered, whatever else you stock is up to you. A good dark and light cola are great for mixing, fresh fruits for flavor, and juices and liqueurs for experimentation. Whatever magic you mix up is up to you.


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