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How to Host a Wine Party

Do you have friends who are wine enthusiasts? Or maybe, like me, they’re your favorite people to go shopping with because they know the most about what they want. Either way, hosting a party where guests can try different wines is sure to be a hit! But how do you make it super easy on yourself? We’ve got some tips for making entertaining easier.

  1. Know Your Wines

The main idea is to try new wines, learn something and have fun. To start learning about natural wine, one should read some books on it for a better understanding of the concept.

  1. Have a Variety

When party prepping, make sure you have enough wine for your guests to sample five varietals of red and white wines. A standard tasting pour is half a regular serving size so that’s why we recommend 5 different types/varieties.

  1. Incorporate the Seasons

Have fun with seasonal decorations! To set the stage for your summer wine tasting party, get simple greenery. For a wintertime get-together, brownie points if you incorporate extras like berries or pine cones!

  1. Organization is Key

When hosting a party or other get-togethers involving drinks, it is important to have the right supplies in order to make sure everyone enjoys themselves fully! Trays are perfect because they offer another way of displaying drinks while also being able to hold them all together when you need that function too.

  1. Give out Party Favors

Host a bottle swap at the end of your night. This is where you exchange bottles with friends to try new wines and make sure everyone has wine for their next get-together. To go above and beyond, wrap each bottle in an entertaining tea towel that will be useful as party favors!

The next time you’re planning a party and want your guests to be able to try different wines, make it easy on yourself. Pick up your favorite wine from Payless Liquors before they sell out so you can have all the best drinks on hand. No matter what kind of wine enthusiast your guest is or how many people are coming over, we’ll have something for everyone.