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How to Host the Ultimate Beer Tasting Party

Craft beer changed the beer drinking game and Payless is going to show you how to host the ultimate beer tasting party! Breweries have experienced a huge spark in popularity when it comes to providing beers that break the mold. Trying to select the perfect beer can feel overwhelming given the options available today. One of the best ways to try different beers is to host a beer tasting party for friends. When it comes to having fun with friends, beer tasting is a great reason to get together and try something new without having to commit to an entire six-pack.

What You’ll Need

When it comes to hosting your ultimate beer tasting party, you can keep it simple or go all out. For the basics, you’ll want your different beers. Depending on the size of your group, you’ll want to select at least four to six different beers. You’ll want to make sure you have enough glasses for everyone. Since appearance is a factor, clear glasses are the best option. You should also consider having some snacks. Craft beer often has a higher alcohol by volume (ABV) than domestic beers, and it can sneak up quickly.

Choose Your Theme

Any great party should have a theme. While beer is the main theme, you can still create a specific focus for the entire party. A beer tasting party is perfect for game day, even if it’s not game day! A tailgate party is easy, and fun. You can load the grill with burgers and brats, provide basic snack food, and have fun games, such as cornhole or a game of pickup.

You could also choose to have a more sophisticated party, pairing your beers with a delicious multi-course meal. This can be a more intimate affair of just a few friends. Whatever theme you decide, the most important element is highlighting your beer choices.

Create Your Ranking System

Tasting the beer is just one step — you also want to rank your favorites. There are several different ways that you can rank your beer. You might go with:

  • Aroma
  • Appearance
  • Flavor
  • The way it feels in your mouth
  • Your overall impression

You can use popular apps such as Untapped to make your ranking system easier. This app can search for practically any type of beer around the U.S. You can post your reviews and look at the reviews left by others.

Consider Your Drinking Order

While there is no wrong way to drink beer, there is an approach to take to make sure you don’t overwork your palate. Beer tasting is similar to wine tasting in that it is best to start light and move to heavier options. If you are hosting a beer tasting event, consider starting with something light. This can be ales or lagers. You can then move into ambers or IPAs. You’ll likely want to finish with your heaviest options such as porters or stouts.

Have Fun!

A beer tasting party is a great way to get together with friends and experiment with the wide range of craft beers on the market today. From traditional flavors to fun and daring options, you’ll love the ability to explore different varieties. When it is time to get the party started, Payless Liquors can help. We have a wide range of domestic and craft beers. You can use our convenient pickup form to have all your beers ready for your party.