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Indiana Spirit: The Cocktails That Shape Us

If you’ve ever bartended, you realize that you can know a lot about a person through their drink choices. What a person drinks can often be a window into their personality. On a larger scale, you can learn a lot about the culture of a state through its official and unofficial cocktail choices. The beautiful state of Indiana is no exception. From mixes worthy of a wild weekend to a casual elevated dinner, the spirits that shape us give the wider country a peek into who we are.

Let’s Talk Jägermeister

That’s right: In Indiana, we love our Jägermeister. This liquor has a distinct black licorice taste, but even someone who isn’t a fan of that specific taste can fall in love with a well-blended cocktail that uses Jager as its base.

You would find it near impossible to enter a bar on a weekend and not hear someone order a Jäger bomb. This shot goes down smooth but can sneak up on you! With a mix of Jäger and energy drink, you’ll be shaping up for a great night out. Not a fan of energy drinks? A Jäger barrel replaces the energy drink with root beer.

Jägermeister is great for more than just shots. Jager can be implemented in many great cocktails if you are more of a sipper. This liquor is extremely versatile, and in Indiana, we know how to utilize it.

Hoosier Heritage Is a Must

If you’re new to Indiana, ordering yourself a Hoosier Heritage is a must. This “unofficial” state drink was created and adopted in 2015. This cocktail was created by Jason Foust for a contest held by the Indiana State Museum.

The base of this amazing cocktail is Knob Creek Whiskey, a nod in honor of Abraham Lincoln, who moved to Indiana in 1816 from Knob Creek Farm. With a simple yet potent mix of maple syrup, lemon juice, and apple cider, this cocktail is the perfect blend of caramel and spice.

Indiana Loves a Good Mojito

Who doesn’t love a good Mojito? The people of Indiana sure do. While the roots of the Mojito stem from Cuba, the love of this refreshing summer beverage courses through this state.

Traditionally concocted with white rum, mint, simple syrup, lime, and soda water, this beverage is at the top of most summer menus. The varieties of this classic cocktail are endless, and adding a fruity flavor comes highly recommended.

Try a Taste of Indiana at Payless Liquors

No matter what you choose to do in Indiana, you’re going to have a great time. While taking in the sights and attractions and dining in our fantastic restaurants, don’t forget to sip on a beverage that gives you a glimpse into our personality. If you’re ready to try a taste of Indiana, Payless Liquors has a huge selection of everything you’ll need to enjoy our state’s favorites of this state. Check out our website and use our 5-star rating guide to help you create your next masterpiece. Cheers!