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It’s All in the Grapes

Are you looking for a new wine to enjoy with friends and family? This week we will be featuring a new wine in our stores that would be perfect for any occasion. Although the name translates to Champs Elysees in French, Campo Eliseo comes from a highly respected region of Spain—rather than the famous avenue in Paris.

Campo Eliseo comes from Toro, which is a wine region in Castilla y Leon located in northwestern Spain. Castilla y Leon is known for producing some of the world’s most powerful red wines. Toro, meaning “bull” in Spanish, is a fitting symbol for the robust red wines of Campo Eliseo. And the name is actually meant to pay homage to those brave and virtuous men of Greek mythology.

A partnership between winemaker Michel Rolland and his wife and wine innovator François Lurton was formed to produce the Campo Eliseo wines. When forming their collaboration, both parties agreed that Spain would be best location for the vineyard, because of its great potential. The team is part of a coalition, headed by Diageo Chateau & Estates to seek out the best wines from some of the most important wine regions throughout the world.

To insure perfection, the Rollands and Lurton hand-selected five Spanish winemakers to develop their product. All of the wines are 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) and belong to Spain’s luxury tier. The tempranillo grapes used to make the wine are some of Spain’s most famous native fruit. They are vibrant, aromatic and offer a spicy, red savor. The grapes come from 50- to 75-year-old vines. Rigorous soil-cultivation work on the vineyard is done to insure favorable product.

The wine we are featuring this week is the 2008 Campo Eliseo. The 2008 bottle has been aged for 16 months in French oak casks. A bright ruby-red color, it embodies a generous open bouquet of dark cherry, raspberry and thyme. Hints of plum, coffee and blackberry add to the overall rich, yet balanced taste. Campo blooms brightly on the finishes with a touch of spice. Right now it’s delicious, but age won’t do any harm to this timeless red wine.

The 2008 Campo Eliseo red wine is one of notable mentions. The Wine Spectator awarded it 94 points, which is a great compliment.

Embrace you inner matador with this delectable red wine. Campo Eliseo can be enjoyed by wine lovers who appreciate top-quality Spanish wines. Stop by one of our 22 locations and pick up a bottle or reserve one with us online.