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Jim Beam Vanilla

Jim Beam Vanilla – A Sweet Touch on a Kentucky Classic

Jim Beam is an American traditional bourbon whiskey that we all know and love. Made with the same secret recipe for over 200 years, it’s considered the world’s #1 Kentucky Bourbon. But, there’s a new member of the family for those looking for a sweet touch on a Kentucky classic, Jim Beam Vanilla. This really is quite the addition. One you can enjoy straight, on the rocks or in a mixed drink.

Jim Beam Vanilla
Enjoy Jim Beam® Vanilla with cola and a cherry garnish. (PRNewsfoto/Jim Beam)

Jim Beam took the natural flavor of Madagascar Vanilla Liqueur and combined it with their world’s finest Kentucky Straight Whiskey.  This combination is the perfect balance of rich full-bodied vanilla with subtle hints of oak, complemented with the deep caramel notes of bourbon. “It’s perfect for those times when you are looking for a touch of sweetness to your bourbon.”

Like mentioned above, there are many ways to enjoy Jim Beam Vanilla; however, one of the most popular ways is mixed with Cola. If you’re not a Cola fan than there are other mixing options for you. Jim Beam has provided us with recommendations for mixing and says it goes really well with orange juice too. Jim Beam Vanilla is the perfect mixer because the flavors in the bourbon whiskey blend with other flavors like in Cola and orange juice to create even more flavor in your beverage.

If you’re someone who prefers things a little on the sweeter side than this is your drink. Don’t drink mediocre cocktails when you can have a well-balanced, sweet and flavorful bourbon cocktail with Jim Beam Vanilla. Cheers!