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Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum – Payless Private Barrel

Mount Gay has been producing rum for over 310 years now and to celebrate, they once again entered a “black” space with their Black Barrel Rum. This small batch rum is handcrafted by blending two different varieties before allowing the blended rum to mature a second time, creating a bold yet balanced taste.

Mount_Gay_Black_Barrel_rum (1)Despite its name, Mount Gay’s Black Barrel Rum isn’t dark in color. Rather, this unique rum was given its name from the color of the barrels. The interior of the barrels in which Mount Gay’s Black Barrel Rum is aged are deeply charred, helping the rum to pick up more distinct wood notes.

This one-of-a-kind process yields outstanding results. Each barrel has a slightly different taste, some have more wood notes while others lean closer to fruity. We learned this when we had the opportunity to meet Master Blender, Allen Smith back in July.

As the only retailer in Indiana given this opportunity, we were able to sample different barrels alongside Smith. After tasting many barrels, we all agreed which barrel we wanted to be ours. Our bourbon barrel rum was aged for 3 years in an “A” barrel in a distillery in the Brown Foreman family. It has since been bottled and delivered, ready for you to try!

The barrel we chose has a bold scent of spice and roasted wood. The taste is also bold and spicy, but balanced with vanilla and sweet caramel, making way for a long, warm finish. It was so good, we had to make sure it would make its way back to us!

Try it this weekend at our Bourbon Women Sip and Shop at our Greenwood Mall store and these other tasting dates:

12-11-15 4-6pm
726 Adams Street, Carmel

12-11-15 3-5pm
9520 Uptown Drive, Indy

12-18-15. 3-5pm
60 Brendon Way, Zionsville