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New Crown Royal Canned Whiskey Cocktails to Warm You Up All Season Long

Crown Royal Canadian whiskey is a perennial cold-weather favorite, whether you’re enjoying the big game, a Halloween bonfire, hunting, camping, or the last fall fishing trip. You never think of Canadian whiskey the same again after that first sip of Crown, and now they’ve gone and changed the game again with the release of three canned cocktails.

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth made history in 1939 as the first reigning monarchs to tour Canada, and the Seagram beverage company made history with them by introducing Crown Royal to mark the occasion. Over 80 years later, Crown Royal is making history again with these groundbreaking canned cocktails.

Your fall drink decision just got a lot easier.

Meet the New Royalty

Crown Royal canned whiskey cocktails capture the essence of your favorite Crown Royal drinks in a convenient aluminum can, and they come in three amazing flavors.

  • Washington Apple
  • Peach Tea
  • Whiskey and Cola

Canned cocktails saw a big upsurge in popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, as quarantined cocktail lovers looked for a way to enjoy their favorite drinks without going to the bar. Lovers of

smooth Canadian whiskey had been left behind the canned cocktail trend until Crown Royal stepped up to fill the void.

Washington Apple

Is there anything more perfectly fall than biting into a crisp, freshly picked apple? If you love apples but are feeling burned out on a cycle of heavy ciders and stiff apple-tinis, Crown Royal is here to help you switch things up. Crown Royal Canadian whiskey has long been known for its warmth, boldness, and smooth finish—and Crown Royal Washington Apple canned cocktail is one apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree! Crown Royal Washington Apple canned cocktail is a great change of pace for anyone who likes Redd’s Apple Ale or Strongbow cider.

Peach Tea

Hard iced teas have enjoyed consistent popularity in the summer drink market for several years now, and you won’t want to miss this one. The perfectly balanced combination of sweet peach, refreshing tea, and smooth Crown Royal Canadian whiskey puts this crafted beverage a level above your typical hard iced tea. Crown Royal Peach Tea canned cocktail is great for anyone who likes a refreshing, slightly fruity, not overbearingly sweet drink. Twisted Tea fans in particular should give this one a try.

Whiskey and Cola

Crown and cola is a classic combination whose popularity speaks for itself. Crown Royal has long been iconic for whiskey and cola drinkers, thanks to Crown’s unparalleled smoothness. Now you can enjoy it at home without the mess and hassle of mixing up your own drinks. To class it up, try serving Crown Royal Whiskey and Cola canned cocktail in a highball glass over ice, and garnish it with a slice of lime.

Crown Royal Canned Whiskey Cocktails

Take your place among the new royalty today! 4-packs of Crown Royal canned cocktails retail for $14.99, and single cans are also available. Crown Royal canned whiskey cocktails are 7% alcohol by volume. Place your order for pickup today!