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Nikka Grain Whisky

New Japanese Whisky: Nikka Coffey Still Grain

Japanese Whisky has been quite the talk of the town lately among coinsurers. In case you aren’t familiar with this varietal, it’s similar to a Scotch whisky rather than Irish, American and Canadian styles. This week at Payless Liquors we welcomed a new whisky to the collection, Nikka Coffey Still Japanese Grain.

Grain Whisky

When sipping on Nikka Coffey you’ll notice it’s a blend of single malt and grain whiskies. What exactly does a blend mean, you may ask? Blend refers mixing two different types, rather than from two different distilleries. In our opinion, grain whisky is one of the least understood components of the industry. It’s made from corn, wheat and unmalted barely and brings out the more expressive flavors of Nikka.

The Nikka Company operates on two Coffey stills inside their distillery. The stills were imported from Scotland in 1963 to coincide with their elaborate blended whisky recipe. Each still holds more depth of flavor than any of the modern day ones used by other distilleries today.

Tasting Notes

A light caramel color with a strong aroma of vanilla and pepper on the nose. It has a soft, yet supple flavor on the palate. Notes of caramel, melon, candied nuts and sweet butterscotch fill your mouth. It can be described as almost exotic and fruity in nature. The finish packs some heat but has a lingering sweet cream flavor.

How to Enjoy

We recommend pairing Nikka Grain a couple different ways. It will go great in a whisky soda, which is whiskey, club soda and garnished with lemon. Or if you wish to go the sweeter cocktail route, we recommend a classic whisky sour made with whisky, sour mix, crushed ice and maraschino cherries.

Purchase Today

Because of its exceptional taste and several acclamations, we have deemed it worthy of our Closet Collection. Nikka Coffey Japanese Grain is available to purchase at Payless Liquors stores or you can reserve for pick up on website.