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Organic Whiskey that Celebrates the Past and Embraces Change

There’s something to be said for the small craft distilleries out there who take pride in producing some of the boutique, non-Kentucky bourbons on the market. One that comes to our mind is Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan. Their journey to make a hand-crafted, organic whiskey is one about restoring tradition while celebrating change. From the building where it’s crafted to the bottle it comes in, Journeyman Whiskey is one that remains true to its roots. They are certainly a front runner in the growing organic spirits industry today. Here is a brief introduction of the story behind the Journeyman Distillery:

Journeyman’s originator, Bill Welter, had special requirements when it came to finding the location for the distillery. Luckily, they found the perfect spot. Originally a factory for buggy whips and corsets, the building had a history of its own. E.K. Warren, the former factory owner, was ironically a prohibitionist whose claim to fame was making women’s corsets out of turkey feathers instead of whalebone. The maple hardwood floors are the same ones that were there in the 1800s. The concrete bar made in Grand Rapids has the coordinates etched in the side, thus making its mark on the historic location. The Journeyman Distillery truly evokes a distinct ambiance for visitors to enjoy.

The Journeyman bottle also pays homage to the brand’s authenticity and tradition. Simple, yet classic, the shape of the Journeyman bottle looks similar to those of 1800s. The label design is original artwork and the head is hand-sealed with wax.

Meanwhile, Silver Cross, Buggy Whip Wheat and Featherbone are all flavors that play into the rich history behind the old factory:

  • Silver Cross Whiskey is an explosion of four-grain flavor. It’s a 90 proof spirit that we recommend for mixing into cocktails; or let it shine on its own, with a couple drops of water. Silver Cross is unlike any whiskey you have had before with a sweet, luscious caramel essence and a hint of spicy red pepper.
  • Buggy Whip Wheat is appropriately coined after one of the products that was manufactured in the distillery in the 1800s. Bottled at 90 proof, it has a powerful grainy aroma with a sweet undertone. The taste of the whiskey has a bit of caramel, earthy leather and nutty flavor. We recommend Buggy Whip on the rocks for a sweet, light taste.
  • Featherbone Bourbon is another name that celebrates the history of Warren’s featherbone corsets. This bourbon is made from 70% corn, 20% wheat and small amounts of rye and barley. The aroma is an inviting, fresh corn smell, with hints of vanilla. At first sip you will notice a strong oak taste with spices, grains and leather.
Barrel racks are displayed to show visitors the process of making the spirits. 


If you get the urge for a road trip, we strongly recommend a visit to the Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, Michigan in order to experience its great heritage firsthand. Meanwhile, right now at Payless Liquors we have barrels of each—the Silver Cross Whiskey, Buggy Whip Wheat, and Featherbone Bourbon. But they are on limited supply! Reserve your bottle today and embrace the richness of Journeyman’s voyage.

For more information on Journeyman’s Distillery, their story and products be sure to visit their website.