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All Day IPA

If the idea of “nursing” a drink sounds less than ideal, Founders Brewing Company has just the beer for you. With All Day IPA, you don’t have to worry about feeling heavy or dull. Instead, the crisp, complex flavors will keep you feeling sharp, while still bringing you a relaxed, happy buzz.

What is an IPA?

IPA stands for “India Pale Ale.” India Pale Ales come in several varieties:

Session – IPAs that are considered “session” are traditionally under 4% ABV (alcohol by volume) and typically made out of a complex array of malts, hops and grains. They generally have a thinner, smoother body, which comes with a lower alcohol content. Because of this fact, session IPAs are generally a drink, and drink, and drink again kind of beer.

]Imperial/Double – Imperial and Double IPAs are practically the same, based on the fact that they both have high levels of hops (a fruit commonly used in brewing beer) concentration. Usually containing over 7% ABV, this beer is like the traditional IPA on steroids.

Dry-Hopped – Dry-Hopped IPAs are made by steeping your hops in your beer as it ferments, instead of introducing them while the beer is boiling. This is what creates the intoxicating aroma that amplifies the sweet hops and fruity flavors of this beer.

Fresh-Hopped – Also known as “harvest ale”, or “wet hop,” Fresh-Hopped IPAs only arrive once a year, around September, with the hop harvest. The brilliantly fresh flavor is distinct and certainly a fan favorite.

Hops, a key ingredient in brewing IPAs and many other beers, is a fruit native to Eurasia. The distinct garlicy, fruity, yeasty flavor makes it such a key component for many brewers in the U.S. The hops grow up large trellising and can get up to 7 to 8 feet tall. The fruit is carefully harvested, then heated, dried, and compressed. This is when hops can be added into the brewing process.

Within these subcategories, there are culturally different IPAs too. Everyone has their own method of brewing and influences on the flavors based on their geography. British IPAs are the classic style, as IPAs originated in England. The historic flavors are typically one-noted, fruity or malty. New England’s style of IPA is unfiltered, which gives it a hazy appearance. East Coast IPAs have a complex piney, malty, hoppy taste. Whereas the flavor profile of a West Coast IPA is distinctly smooth and fruity, with subtle bitter notes. Belgian IPAs, on the other hand, utilize Belgian yeast, which gives them a sweet, bready flavor.

Drinking irresponsibly is never a wise decision. So Founders Brewing company created All Day IPA, for consumers who want to drink throughout their day but not reap the negative consequences of becoming fully inebriated. With rich flavors at a mid-range ABV, this beer is great for a day out golfing—enough to get you tipsy and having a good time while staying alert enough to hit the ball. Getting the ball in the hole, of course, will be up to personal skills and the amount of beers killed. With All Day IPA, quality really isn’t compromised. Each step is carefully curated by brewing experts, to help you enjoy your beer for longer.

With so many culturally unique options available, there is truly something for everyone. Many people try IPAs one time and never again out of distaste for the bitter notes that some mainstream companies produce. However, with such a broad spectrum of options readily available with their own distinct twist, it’s worth giving it a try again. Order a case of Founders All Day IPA from our online shop today!