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Poolside Cocktail

Poolside Cocktails: Our Top 5 Favorites

There’s no treat quite like some summer poolside cocktails! When you’re using tried and true ingredients like fresh seasonal fruits as well as the occasional tropical touch like coconut, the recipe options are endless. However, with such a great selection, when you’re planning your next day by the pool, you might not know where to begin. To help, we’ve gathered our top picks, perfect for relaxing in the summer sun. Plus, they’re all simple to prepare so you can get right back to soaking in the rays.

1. Lemon Drop

This summer, consider trading in the lemonade for another classic with a bit more of a punch. Making this luxuriously tart cocktail is as simple as mixing 4 fl oz lemon juice, 2 fl oz vodka, and 1 tsp white sugar. Then, stir the mixture until everything’s dissolved. Pour over ice and garnish with mint and a slice of lemon. For a slightly sweeter interpretation, simply add an extra teaspoon of white sugar, or add sugar to the rim of the glass.

2. Classic Sangria

Packed with fresh, seasonal fruits, this classic is one of the staple poolside cocktails for a reason. Begin by slicing lemon, lime, and orange into thin sections. Feel free to substitute or add fruits as you prefer, depending on what you have on hand. Place the fruits into a large pitcher and in 1½ cups of rum and a half a cup of sugar. After chilling to allow the flavors to develop, stir in a cup of orange juice and a bottle of your favorite dry red wine.

3. Shandy

This summer classic is beyond simple, as well as both refreshing and customizable. At its core, the shandy is a straight-forward mixed drink— all you have to do is mix equal parts beer and lemonade. Personalize the drink further by experimenting with different beers, from light lager to hoppy IPAs. This way, you can find the flavor profile that works for you. (However, dark beers are probably best to avoid.)

4. Strawberry-Lemon Mojito

Another fruit-filled option, fresh strawberries are used to sweeten the taste of a traditional mojito. Use a cocktail shaker to muddle 8 lemon wedges with 4 whole strawberries and approximately

24 mint leaves. To the mixture, add ice, 8 oz aged rum, 3 oz fresh lemon juice, and 2 oz cane syrup (or agave nectar), then pour into glasses with ice and enjoy.

5. Piña Colada

No classic drink screams “summer” quite like a good old fashioned piña colada. From the tropical flavor of coconut to the tang of pineapple, this creamy drink is perfect for poolside. Start with 2½ oz rum and add 3 oz unsweetened pineapple juice plus 1 oz coconut cream. Blend the ingredients with crushed ice, before garnishing as desired. Maraschino cherries are a good place to start, but feel free to experiment with flavors and get creative. It’s your summer, after all.

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