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Put On Your “Bib and Tucker”

The wait is finally over for a certain small batch bourbon. 35 Maple Street, which brings you Masterson’s Whiskey has released their bourbon and it goes by the name Bib and Tucker. Best known for its Canadian Whiskeys, 35 Maple Street offers a bourbon worthy of acclamation and comparison to the greats.

The name “bib & tucker dates back to early America. The term was used to describe your finest attire that one would wear to a special dance or wedding. 35 Maple Street was thinking along those lines when creating their finest bourbon product. The bourbon comes from an undisclosed Tennessee distillery. The bottle is a one-of-a-kind amber colored glass with custom embossing.

Just like your finest dress, Bib & Tucker is hand-crafted from the best of the best. Its smooth bourbon flavors are a combination of chestnut and warm vanilla. The makers ensure that you will feel a sense of dedication with each bottle and know that it’s something truly special.

The Nose

Scents are earthy tones with notes of leather-bound books, barley, fresh cut grass and chestnuts. There are also strong tones of vanilla that lead the aroma.

The Palate

Similar to the nose, the taste has an earthy base. It’s definitely a smooth first sip and well balanced with a lingering sweet tip. Some notes of cinnamon, dried apricots, caramel, black liquorice and again the warm vanilla bean from the nose. All these flavors are complimented by a subtle touch of ginger spice.

The Finish

Overall the finish is very similar to most bourbon. Again the earthy tones of grass, leather and pine dominate. The medium-length finish is semi-dry and leaves a lasting chestnut taste.

Bib and Tucker will the make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your bourbon enthusiast. Send us a request via our Contact Us page to reserve a bottle.