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Spring Beers

Refreshing Beer Varieties to Try This Spring

Spring is here! When the snow begins to melt and grass starts to grow, it’s time to match the warmer season with the ideal drinks. Think about it — you’ve hung up your winter coat for the final time this season and put away your big sweaters, so why would you keep drinking the same beer you did all winter long? It’s time to say goodbye to the season of warm cocktails and heavy beers and lighten things up. Fortunately, there are many distinct types of beer that pair perfectly with the much milder spring weather. Here are some refreshing beer choices that will liven up any spring day.

Sour Beers

If you have never tried a sour beer before, spring is the perfect opportunity to start. In fact, spring is the season many breweries begin brewing these tasty beers with a bite. Don’t let the name “sour” dissuade you from trying out these unique beers, because they come in a variety of different strengths and flavor profiles, many with hints of fruits and berries. The exciting thing about sours is that they are fermented with wild bacteria and yeasts, giving the brew master all kinds of tools to work with when exploring new flavors.


While a very hoppy IPA may have kept you warm during frigid winter nights, now is a suitable time to try lighter, more flavorful varieties. An IPA flavored with berries or soft vanilla flavors evokes the sensation of the flowers and fruits and berries that are now beginning to grow. Meanwhile, a citrusy version can be a fresh approach to a warm weather favorite.

Blonde Ales

Springtime means spring break is here, a time when many people travel to warmer climates for some much-deserved vacation time. Fun in the sun often means you’ll want a lighter beer to stay hydrated, and a blond ale is just what you need. These golden beers are easy to drink and don’t feature strong malts or hops, perfect for a refreshing beach beverage.


If you’ve never heard of a Witbier, now is the time to give it a taste. Witbier is a Belgian-style beer that gets its name because of its hazy, whitish hue. Witbiers owe their color to the wheats and aromatics involved in the brewing process, and an orange peel adds the perfect touch to this coriander and citrus-forward beer. Witbiers may be lesser known than the other types of beer on this list, but that won’t be the case for long.

Hard Seltzers

This one might be breaking the rules a little bit. After all, hard seltzer is not exactly a beer. However, if you find yourself not in the mood for beer, chances are, you’ll find the perfect beverage in today’s ever-widening selection of fruit-flavored hard seltzers, teas, and lemonades. Hard seltzers are perfect for keeping you refreshed in the spring sun.

It’s been a long winter, but we’ve made it through, and now is the time to celebrate! Payless Liquors has the largest selection of beers in the Indianapolis area, many of them ideal for warm spring weather. Browse our website to pre-order or stop in to talk to our knowledgeable staff to pick out just the right beer to pair perfectly with the springtime sun.