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Resonate with Hibiki Whisky for the Holidays

From the deep Japanese forests arises a blended whisky that embodies the craftsmanship and soul of the people. The legendary Hibiki Whisky represents true harmony. Some even consider if to be the ideal of perfection. Here at Payless Liquors, we are fortunate to be one of the few carriers of this sophisticated seventeen-year-old whisky.

In Japanese, Hibiki means resonance. This is fitting because it speaks to the soul and emotions of the most perceptive whisky lover. Hibiki echoes all 24 seasons of the Japanese lunar calendar. This aging process is noticed in the earthy tones one can taste throughout the whisky.

We like to describe Hibiki in three words: elegant, poised and balanced. Coming from the Suntory Distillery, Hibiki provides a fantastic blend of aged malt and grain whiskies. The barrels used for aging are made from extremely rare oak. This offers a more complex flavor to the blended whisky. Hibiki is bottled at 86 proof and is jam packed with sweet oak flavors.

The Nose

Quite full, with notes of honey, wax and oak. Hints of gentle rolling smoke, cocoa, and cooked, dark fruits. The whisky is light amber in coloring.

On The Palate

The palate is sweet and rich. Flavors of toffee, black cherry, and warm vanilla are present throughout the first sip. You might also taste notes of crisp apple, raisin, citrus peels, and the notorious Mizunara, a Japanese oak varietal.

The Finish

A long sweet finish with lingering notes of oak, cocoa, and a lychee aftertaste.

Notable Mentions

In 2012, Hibiki was recognized as the “Best Japanese Blend 13 to 20 Years” by the World Whiskies Awards. Also in 2010, it was given a Gold “Editor’s Choice” award from Whiskey Magazine, and also received the award in its category.

This holiday season we invite you to purchase Hibiki, either as a gift for a loved one, or to share amongst friends and family. To get your hands on one our most sought-after products, reserve a bottle of Hibiki on our website.