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saint patrick's day smart sips

Saint Patrick’s Day Smart Sips from Payless Liquor Stores

Saint Patrick’s Day is more than just the celebration of Ireland – it’s a moment where the world turns green with jubilant festivities. And while the day might be steeped in traditional merrymaking, with parades, folk dancing, and the sharing of green beer, it’s equally a time for people to come together, relax, and enjoy some top-class beverages, whether they stem from the Emerald Isle or not.

In this guide curated by Payless Liquor Stores, we’re turning our gaze to those who seek not just any green drink but exquisite craft beers, fine wines, and premium liquors to elevate their Saint Patrick’s Day experience. From the history of the holiday to the perfect pours for your celebrations, this blog post is your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Continue on to learn about these Saint Patrick’s Day Smart Sips!

A Brief History of Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on the death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. It has come to be known for commemorating the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and, for many, the day is used to celebrate Irish heritage and culture. This tradition has not been without its evolution, having transformed from a religious feast day to an international festival, where public parades and the wearing of green attire are commonplace.

The Tradition of Celebratory Drinks

Saint Patrick’s Day is a day of festivity, and in many countries, this is reflected in the tradition of imbibing alcoholic beverages. Whether it’s Irish whiskey, stout, or other green libations, partaking in festive drinks is an essential aspect of the celebrations.

Yet, when you raise a glass on Saint Patrick’s Day, why not ensure the libations you offer and consume are not only of the highest standard but also support the spirit of the day – that of community and conviviality. This is where Payless Liquor Store stands out, offering a selection that caters to both the enthusiast and the uninitiated with recommendations that honor traditions but also push the boundaries with contemporary tastes and trends.

Advice on Drink Choices for the Day

For those venturing beyond the basics, here are some thoughtful suggestions curated by Payless Liquor Store, ranging from classic Irish spirits and brews to unexpected yet fitting selections for the day.

  • Irish Whiskey Selection

Ireland’s gift to the spirit world, Irish whiskey, is a must-have for Saint Patrick’s Day. We showcases a variety of options, from the smooth, accessible Jameson to the more nuanced and potent Redbreast. For those seeking a unique experience, consider exploring the lesser-known world of single pot still whiskeys, the traditional Irish style born of a mix of malted and unmalted barley, as well as some rich in history, such as Midleton Very Rare.

  • Craft Beers and Lagers

While Guinness might be the quintessential beer of Saint Patrick’s Day, the craft beer renaissance has brought forth a myriad of Irish and green-colored gems. We can guide you to selections such as O’Hara’s Irish Red or an unexpected green-hued ale, perfect for those wanting to share a memorable, Instagram-worthy drink with friends and family.

  • Celtic Cocktail Perfection

If cocktails are more your style, consider mixing up a batch of Irish classics like the smooth and potent Irish Coffee, or a burst of refreshment with the Celtic Twilight – a whiskey, honey, and lemon concoction. Remember, quality base spirits make all the difference, so choose wisely from the array we have to offer.

Planning Your Saint Patrick’s Day Gathering

No celebration is complete without the thoughtful planning and execution of all aspects, and the liquid component is no exception. When it comes to preparing for a Saint Patrick’s Day gathering, timing can be key. Assess the number of guests, their drink preferences, and ensure that you have enough supplies to avoid last-minute runs to the store.

  • Crafting a Menu

From traditional Irish dishes to green-themed snacks, consider pairing your drinks with appropriate food. Irish stew with a pint of stout or a creamy serving of colcannon are classic combinations that are certain to delight and satisfy.

  • Atmosphere and Ambiance

Create a festive setting whether it’s through thematic decorations, a curated playlist of Irish tunes, or encouraging guests to dress in their best green attire. A little effort goes a long way in setting the right mood for a successful gathering.

  • Drink Serving Solutions

Payless Liquor Store can also help with non-alcoholic options and ensure you have the right serving equipment for all the planned drinks. Irish coffee mugs, beer steins, and highball glasses are must-haves that can enhance the aesthetic pleasures of the day’s offerings.

Saint Patrick’s Day, the Payless Liquor Store Way

During your moments of mirth this Saint Patrick’s Day, raise a toast with the finest drinks that pay homage to the day’s traditions. With Payless Liquor Store, you have a trusted partner who doesn’t just sell drinks but also shares the joy of the sips that punctuate life’s more spirited occasions.

In the spirit of celebration, we invite you to visit Payless Liquor Stores – in person or online – and explore how we can enhance your Saint Patrick’s Day experience, ensuring it’s filled with quality drinks that delight the palate and fuel unforgettable memories.

To your health, your happiness, and the spirit of Saint Patrick – sláinte!