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Score a Touchdown With GameDay Spiked Seltzer

At around 9:00 p.m. on September 22, the fall equinox will occur. During the equinox, the sun will shine directly on the equator. This alignment causes the days and nights to be roughly the same duration, about 12 hours — and that is where it gets the name “equinox.”

After the fall equinox, the northern hemisphere starts tilting away from the sun, causing longer nights and shorter days, as well as cooler temperatures. This phenomenon is also what causes the leaves to change colors because of the reduced amounts of sunlight.

In ancient civilizations, the equinox let farmers know when to plant their seasonal crops. Today, the equinox signifies another season — football season.

With the first game of the 2022 NFL season on the books, football festivities will be in full swing by the time the equinox rolls around, and the shelves will already be stocked with GameDay Spiked Seltzers. These new canned cocktails from GameDay All American Spirit come in three fruity flavors, each with only 99 calories. Six times distilled and gluten-free, these all-natural carbonated cocktails boast a 5% alcohol by volume content. Thus, they pack a punch without the heavy caloric content of other alcoholic drink options.


GameDay Spiked Seltzers come in three flavors:

  • The Goat (fruit punch). The Goat GameDay Spiked vodka cocktail in a can is a good contender for the greatest cocktail of all time, featuring 60mg of electrolytes. Whether you’re trying to pre-hydrate before the big game or recover later, this one is a high-performance alcoholic beverage.
  • Cleat Chaser (lemon-lime). For those fans who prefer the sour to sweet, the Cleat Chaser GameDay Spiked vodka features a lemon-lime twist and packs 75mg of electrolytes. Stay hydrated while you chase the cleats.
  • Cinderella Story (strawberry lemonade). This underdog-inspired spiked vodka canned cocktail is for fans who like it sweet with a little sour. Drinkers who choose the new Cinderella Story GameDay drink have blocked out the haters and defied all expectations.

GameDay All American Spirits

Since 2020, GameDay Spirits have been a hit at sporting event parties across the United States. GameDay All American Vodka is the official vodka of 14 NFL and NCAA teams, and many more teams are joining the party.

Born out of a missing necessity of game day parties for team-branded booze, the unique business strategy of GameDay Spirits features attractive team-colored labels and bottling. Geared toward the 200 million sports fans who love to celebrate their favorite teams, the GameDay brand is quickly becoming a staple in the American game day ritual.

Whether the game day festivities are small or large, partygoers will be impressed by these new team-adorned canned cocktails. They are especially popular among the ladies, so if females are going to attend your party, this is your go-to game day drink.

Make GameDay Spiked Seltzers a new essential ingredient for your football party. You can purchase all three flavors of GameDay Spiked Seltzers at Payless Liquors locations in packs of four for just $8.99. Place an order online or visit us in person today!