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Seltzers Are Taking The Commercial Drink Industry by Storm

It seems like a new seltzer makes its way to the local liquor and grocery store every day. With the rise in popularity of carbonated seltzers like White Claw and Truly, the commercial drink industry has taken note of the explosion in success of seltzers, and major brands like Budweiser have released their adaptation of this almost novelty adult beverage.

Why are Hard Seltzers So Popular?

Endorsed by celebrities, glorified during halftime Super Bowl commercials, and praised by millions of loyal fans—hard seltzers have taken the commercial drink industry by storm and the world isn’t looking back. While they’ve been around for a while, the newest wave of enthusiasm in recent years has provided us with so many new delicious seltzers to try from popular brands and indie brewers alike. Some of the great features of this beverage are:

• They come in unique flavors, like cherry, ruby grapefruit, peach, lemon lime, blood orange, strawberry, guava and more.

• Most hard seltzers are gluten free. A majority of liquor and alcohol is fermented with wheat and other gluten products, making hard seltzers a great option for people with high gluten sensitivities.

• It is extremely economical. With some hard seltzers at an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) compared to that of a light beer and others the strength of a bottle of wine, prices can range from a mere 2.99 for a four pack to 16 dollars for a 12 pack.

If you have yet to try these carbonated cans of pure goodness, they typically come in a broad variety of flavors and ABV. Brands like Truly and White Claw typically contain under 5% ABV and offer flavors like cherry lime-ade, blue raspberry, strawberry and more! The surge in popularity could be due to the fact that hard seltzers are advertised as a “healthier” beverage option with most being low in sugar and gluten free. Though this may be the perception, it hasn’t always been the case, since the average person more often consumes 1-3 cans in one sitting.

Massive corporations like Coca-Cola are launching a boozy version of their own product, as well as brands like Topo Chico. Most notably, though—Budweiser has recently launched a limited-time only, retro version of hard seltzers with unique, novelty flavors.

What makes hard seltzers so delicious?

Hard seltzers are produced by fermenting a sugar solution for a given period of time. After fermenting, the solution is then diluted to a more moderate, balanced strength. Flavor is then added to the mixture, either through citrus or malic acid and sugar. Hard seltzers then go through a ‘sugar bath,’ in which they adjust the PH levels, and add the water. As they contain almost 95% water, this process is imperative and usually takes several tries to get it just right. The beverage goes through the lengthy process of boiling and then the last final step, carbonation. Perhaps the best part of these beverages is the refreshing feeling of taking a delicious sip of a fruity, carbonated beverage.

With popularity amongst Millennial and Gen Z consumers, hard seltzers don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. One thing is for certain—the possibilities are endless. Contact us to order your favorite hard seltzer today!