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Shake and Shimmer

A violet liqueur that shimmers. Viniq combines premium vodka, Moscato, natural fruit and a one-of-a-kind shimmer when shaken for the perfect refreshing drink. The fusion of style and taste makes it the go-to beverage for any celebration.

Viniq’s tantalizing signature shimmer is made with the same ingredients that give cake frosting its shine and that sparkle in rock candy. The edible glitter adds that special touch that no other liqueur out there embodies. But Vinuq is more than just the shimmer. The first of its kind- you’ll find one sip is exploding with sweet flavors of grape and peach that come from the contribution of the Moscato. Not only does Viniq have that enticing look and sweet taste, it’s also bottle at 20% alcohol. Which is makes it perfect for sipping just by itself.

Drink Viniq right out of the bottle or mix to make a lovely looking cocktail. Don’t worry- when mixed with other liqueurs the shimmer doesn’t fade, even when paired with Blue Curacao! We recommend pairing it with tequila, lime juice and agave nectar for a sweet twist on the margarita. Viniq is perfect for a girl’s night out, bachelorette party gift or similar special occasion.

Does your night call for Viniq? Visit a local Payless Liquors store and pick up a bottle of this shimmery party-starter.