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Slaughter House American Whiskey

Noted California winemaker David Phinney of Orin Swift Cellars is back with another release from his Splinter Group Spirits label. After spending 9 years in American oak, Slaughter House American Whiskey was further aged in Papillon barrels from Orin Swift wines.

SlaughterHouseBtlPhinney has a long history of winemaking at high-end wineries in Napa Valley including Opus One, Whitehall and Mondavi and started Orin Swift in 1998.  He and a few investors began Splinter Group Spirits and began consuming various spirits trying to figure out what they liked and decided to make bourbon their first release.  Straight Edge Bourbon was born and never one to sit still, Phinney knew he wanted to make a whiskey next.

As mentioned previously, Slaughter House American Whiskey was initially aged nine years in American oak before being finished in Orin Swift Papillion barrels which added perfumed aromatics and rounded out the Mouthfeel.  Papillion is Bordeaux blend whose components were sourced from a range of Napa Valley vineyards. The whiskey was then cut with water from a natural hillside spring found on Phinney’s property 2,000 feet above California’s Alexander Valley.

Slaughter House is intense and inviting with flavors of caramelized sugar, baking spices, dark fruits, butterscotch and vanilla notes. The palate is smooth, rich and layered. The finish is impressive with honey, toast and loads of caramel.

You can find Slaughter House American Whiskey at all Payless Liquors locations or you can reserve your bottle by using our Contact Us form on our website.