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Spirit of America Bourbon

Good bourbon doesn’t have to come from Kentucky. In fact, you can find great bourbons right here in the heart of Indiana. Spirit of American Bourbon is produced and bottled in SpiritofAmerica_bs-150x300downtown Indianapolis. In fact, 100% of the product is made in the USA.  The bottle is made in Missouri, the cap in Michigan, and the shipper is from Minnesota and the bottles are screen printed in Chicago. Doesn’t get more Midwest than that!

Being a 100% made in the USA product was important to Lenny Roberts, one of the founders. His father, Mike, was a veteran and had a long career in the spirits industry. He filed the trademark for Spirit of American in 1980, but unfortunately he never saw the product come to fruition. He passed in 2012, but his sons found a partner in Heartland Distiller’s Stuart Hobson, and in 2013 Spirit of American Bourbon was born.

SOA partner, MGP, selects only the best Midwestern wheat and Indiana provides the perfect year-round climate for the crop.  Because distilling wheat is easier to use and will mature at a quicker rate, younger bourbons are able to provide a mellow tasting experience on par with longer aged rye and corn bourbons.

At 86 proof, Spirit of America bourbon has a mash-bill of 51% corn, 45% wheat and 4% malted barley. Bright woody notes with hints of caramel, and spice lead into a smooth and sweet finish.

Spirit of America bourbon is available at your favorite Payless store or you can reserve a bottle via our Contact us page. Cheers!